Situated in the Norwegian Savalen mountains, away from the noise and nuisance of city life, is Savalen Fjellhotell and Spa. From wine tasting to ice fishing, Savalen offers an array of adventures throughout the entire year.

With a life-size gingerbread house, mounds of snow as far as the eye can see, and a relaxing mountain spa, Savalen Fjellhotell and Spa is the perfect escape for those seeking both excitement and relaxation.

At 740 m above sea level, the hotel is undisturbed by any surrounding human-made noise or other commercial entities, allowing guests to truly kick back and relax in picturesque natural surroundings. Alongside opportunities for restitution with the mountain spa and pool, Savalen promises great fun and excitement, with activities and arrangements for people of all ages.

Savalen Fjellhotell and Spa – A winter wonderland of activities

“Once you’re here, you no longer need your car. You can go straight from the hotel out onto the cross-country tracks or the down-hill slopes,” says Siv Bente Flønes, Marketing and Sales Manager at Savalen.

Flønes describes the hotel as a place bound by tradition and family, with the business having been in the Hektoen family since 1963. Throughout the years, the family has further developed and expanded the once-small tourist cabin, retaining its original spirit and soul while creating a retreat, fit for the guests of today.

“The homey feeling of comfort is seeped into the walls of the hotel. The mountain, too, offers an authentic, calming environment so guests can feel closer to nature,” says Flønes.

“In addition to the hotel, we have apartments and cabins, including a life-size gingerbread house available to rent. Guests at the apartments or cabins are also welcome to enjoy meals and activities at the hotel.”

Savalen Fjellhotell and Spa – A winter wonderland of activities

A flurry of fun

Flønes describes Savalen as a thematic hotel, meaning that they offer a variation of activities and fun in addition to their flurry of outdoor activities. Through everything from thematic senior weeks or dances, cinema experiences, and programmes for children, the staff does everything to ensure that guests of all ages leave with meaningful experiences.

“Join our skiing competitions, children’s discos, or try a new sport! We want our guests to enjoy an array of fun,” says Flønes. “Another particularly fun thing, at least for the children, is the fact that this is where Santa Claus lives year-round, and that all his letters are sent here. When you come, regardless of the time of year, you’re able to visit him. When the snow is out, Santa often comes out and sleds with the children too!”

Savalen Fjellhotell and Spa – A winter wonderland of activities

Santa, whose permanent residence is Savalen, spends his time answering children’s letters, preparing for Christmas, and hanging out with visitors.

Indeed, with the incredible natural surroundings, in the winter, the list of possible activities is thrilling.

“Whether you’re a beginner looking to take it slow or a professional downhill skier, we have slopes and areas for everyone. In addition to the actual grounds, we have gear rental for skating, skiing, sledding, anything you might need for a perfect winter getaway in the mountains!”

Moreover, in the 80s and 90s before indoor rinks became established, Savalen served as a hub for ice skaters from all over the world, with its ice rink being described as “the world’s fastest ice rink”, and today, the hotel is honouring its history as the birthplace of world records by establishing a new iceskating area for guests to enjoy.

In addition, there are also opportunities for ice fishing and sleigh riding. Guests may also request group activities such as music quizzes, guided, mountain hikes and an open-bar teepee evening with entertainment by a troubadour.

Wellness and food in the winter wonderland

After a long day of adrenaline-filled activity, what could possibly be more heavenly than a soak in the hotel’s wellness pool? Savalen’s mountain spa includes a heated pool, relaxing hot tubs, an incredible pool bar, and of course, massage tables where treatments are offered.

“We have crystal massages, luxurious pedicures, full body scrubs, and so much more,” says Flønes of the varied spa menu, which contains treatments for the face, body, hands and feet.

But the Norwegian hospitality and winter escapade doesn’t end with saunas and bubble baths. No, it stretches across the entire hotel, including the kitchens. Traditional meals, 3-course meals, á la carte dishes, buffets, and mouth-watering desserts for young and old alike – Savalen offers it all.

“Our food selection varies, depending on the guests, seasons, and our chef’s mood,” says Flønes.

“Every Saturday, however, we serve a traditional Østerdalsbord, which includes a selection of traditional meals from our area. It’s the same food people have eaten through the years, both in the area and here, and a great way of getting to know the local culture.”

On top of the dining options, groups can request beer or wine tastings, where guests may learn about the drinks as they try them.

Regardless of your taste, need for adventure or relaxation, look to Savalen Fjellhotell and Spa.

Savalen Fjellhotell and Spa – A winter wonderland of activities

Peaceful and serene surroundings in the Savalen mountains.

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