With extensive experience in travel and tourism, a group of intrepid Norwegian entrepreneurs knew what they wanted in clothing: functional pieces with good quality, style, and comfort. They also saw room in the market for clothing that was easy to pack and travel with. With over 20 years of experience in business, they knew a few things about what active people needed in their wardrobe. Thus, Scandinavian Explorer was created – inspired by nature, designed for travel, as their slogan says.

CEO of Scandinavian Explorer Tor Fredrik Frøberg explains that their clothing is built to withstand many adventures: “our clothes are made for a wide range of activities, from trips to the mountains to a busy day in the city. Our outdoor gear is designed to keep you warm and dry, whatever the weather. And because we’re in Norway, we have designed our clothes according to our changing climate,” he says.

Scandinavian Explorer: Norwegian durability, comfort and style

Based in Moss in southeast Norway close to the Swedish border, Scandinavian Explorer combines a deeply rooted sense for Nordic design tradition with modern technology and construction. “We’re proud of our Nordic heritage and it shows in our colourful and functional designs,” says Frøberg. Jackets range from bright to softer hues, with warm lining and cosy, secure hoods and pockets. Fleeces are warm and allow the wearer to move freely, and can be worn as a comfortable layer under a shell jacket or on their own in springtime. All of Scandinavian Explorer’s pieces work well both in nature and in an urban setting.

Scandinavian Explorer: Norwegian durability, comfort and style

A Nordic heart and an international mindset

In Norway, Scandinavian Explorer’s clothes can be found across the country. “Our customers are people who love outdoor life and who appreciate good quality and design. We have a network of around 150 dealers from Nordkapp to Kristiansand, so our customers have many opportunities to see and try our products. We also have an online store for those who prefer to shop online,” says Frøberg.

At the moment, the majority of the company’s customers come from Norway, but Scandinavian Explorer is hoping to expand their reach to more areas in the Nordics and internationally. “We have a growing customer base outside the region. Our philosophy on clothing and travel appeals to people all over the world,” says Frøberg. They have already begun exporting their lines of clothing to countries such as the US and Japan.

Scandinavian Explorer: Norwegian durability, comfort and style

Designed for all, with the earth in mind

Frøberg feels Scandinavian Explorer’s clothes are suitable for all types of people. “We try to make clothes that suit everyone, regardless of age or gender. Our range has something for all, from young adults to families with young children and the elderly. Many of our designs are also gender-neutral,” he says. Some of the most popular products are their down jackets, fleeces, and rain jackets. “Personally, I’m particularly proud of our down jackets, which are warm, lightweight, stylish and have great packability,” says Frøberg. The company offers a range of sizes, with some models available in up to 5XL. For materials, Scandinavian Explorer use only high-quality fabrics that are durable and comfortable.

Scandinavian Explorer: Norwegian durability, comfort and style

Sustainability is also very important to the brand, as is animal welfare and the company’s climate footprint. These considerations are at the forefront of design and production for Scandinavian Explorer. “All our clothes are designed and developed in Norway, and we are very careful about where and how they are produced and who produces them,” Frøberg states. “We have close contact with our factories and visit them regularly. We require up-to-date documentation from all our suppliers to ensure that everything goes according to plan and is in line with our ethical guidelines.”

Ultimately, Scandinavian Explorer hopes their clothes will inspire people to spend time outside. Whether going for a walk in the local neighbourhood, going berry-picking, spending a day at the beach, or checking out a new city, Scandinavian Explorers range looks and feels good in any environment. “If you love nature and good, functional design at a reasonable price,” says Frøberg, “you’ll love the basic idea behind Scandinavian Explorer.”

Scandinavian Explorer: Norwegian durability, comfort and style

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