Showcasing the very best of Finnish knitted fashion


Inspired by the surrounding nature, past decades, new adventures and the colourful changing of the seasons, Second Chance is a timeless clothing brand specialised in women’s and children’s wear. With an aim to produce only high-quality ethical and ecological clothes, all items are made entirely in Finland.

Second Chance was founded by two friends in 2008, and Maija Nuppula, one of the two original founders, is still keeping the brand alive and thriving. Specialising in knitwear, what makes Second Chance unique is that all the products are manufactured in small batches in Finland. Everything from the care labels to the paper bags the clothes are sold in is made in Finland in order to ensure the high quality of all items and minimise the ecological impact by cutting out airmiles.

The products are designed by Nuppula in her shop, located in the Mathildedal Ironworks in Salo. The patterns are made in Hämeenlinna and cut and sewn in Hattula, and the prints are printed in Aitoo village in Pälkäne. “Every stage of the manufacturing process is done by a small Finnish family business, and we work very closely with them. I want to showcase the very best handcraft from Finland,” the owner says.

As well as selling Second Chance at their Mathildedal store, the brand is available through their online shop as well as online eco retailer Weecos. All Second Chance items are made from breathable, sustainable, eco-friendly materials, often utilising high-quality knitted and dyed industrial surplus materials from Finland in the designs. In addition, the brand’s own surplus materials are used to create all of its adult and children’s hats, as well as some of the children’s clothes.

For the patterns, Nuppula draws inspiration from the stunning scenery around her. The Mathildedal Ironworks and its surrounding village, on the edge of the Teijo National Park, is a picturesque little community with a vibrant atmosphere, beautiful old ironworks buildings as well as boutiques selling handcrafted products. “For example, our autumn collection features a print, titled Reflection, I thought of when I saw the trees reflecting onto the Matilda lake during one of my morning jogs,” says Nuppula.

Versatility is also very important to Nuppula: the classic designs can easily be worn as everyday clothes, at work, or during special occasions. “All our clothes and prints are designed to be elegant and timeless. By focusing on high-quality materials, we can ensure all our pieces will stand the test of time,” she concludes.


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