Unlike traditional escape rooms, Sherlocked Escape Games and Adventures in Malmö invites you to fully commit to a story and participate in a mystery like no other. With live actors and a detailed concept, Sherlocked is the ultimate escape game and will keep surprising you – no matter how many times you visit their venue.

“We are unique in our concept. Our experience is more than solving a puzzle and getting out of a room. It is an interactive experience where our guests move through flats or rooms to solve a mystery, whilst also enjoying a theatre performance by our dedicated actors,” explains Niklas Åkermyr, owner and founder of Sherlocked. He continues: “The excitement will stay with you through the whole event, and it will most definitely surprise you. We take you to a whole new world.”

Sherlocked: The ultimate escape game

Experience this escape game with all your senses

Sherlocked’s events are, as the name suggests, inspired by the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The theme runs through each and every escape game, as well as the décor and the ambience.

“We want you to enjoy this experience with all your senses. The rooms are designed to look like they did in the Sherlock Holmes stories back in the 1800s. The lighting reflects the mood, and the food and drink available at our sites are inspired by flavours from this time,” says Åkermyr.

The experience is interactive, fun and thrilling, and will involve every single participant – no one will end up standing passively in a corner.

“This is one of the reasons it works so well for team-building purposes. It forces everyone to participate and work together to solve the mystery or go through to the next stage. Above all, you will feel everything together. The excitement, the stress, the thrill of it all. It brings people together in a very effective way. However, it works just as well for friend groups or families,” explains Åkermyr.

Baker Street and the Sherlocked restaurant

The Sherlocked concept has evolved since its opening in 2014, and today consists of two venues: Baker Street and the Sherlocked Restaurant. The venues feature a variety of different escape games, two bars, and an exciting food menu – all of which are in line with the Sherlock Holmes theme. In their bars you can try a variety of absinths, enjoy the sweet cocktail A Study in Scarlet, or the unusual Léstrade Nightcap, which is served in a bong.

Åkermyr explains: “We realised that our guests never wanted to leave. They wanted to make the experience last longer. We therefore expanded our business and opened a restaurant as well as two bars where everyone can stay and talk about their experience. People want to discuss the games and the adventure they have just been on. And it’s perfect to do this whilst also enjoying one of our signature cocktails or some food.”

Sherlocked: The ultimate escape game

Up next – Scandinavia’s greatest horror experience

Sherlocked is included in Visit Sweden’s ‘Top 10 Things to do in Sweden’ and won the HSMAI Guest Experience Award in 2018. Now, Åkermyr wants to take the experience to another level. In 2022 he will open Scandinavia’s greatest horror experience.

“We are so excited to introduce our next site. We have acquired an old cellar located under the oldest area in Malmö where we will invite our guests to take a trip down to the underworld. Down there, they will experience the ultimate horror experience. In teams of three to five, the participants will take a lift down to the underground where your challenge is to move from one place to another. This will also include actors that you interact with throughout the event,” Åkermyr says excitedly.

The new experience will open up between November and December this year, and Åkermyr explains that while Sherlocked’s games are for ages 12 and above, this new and thrilling challenge is for over 18s only.

“It is not for the faint-hearted. I won’t say too much, but it won’t be like any old, haunted house. This will definitely be an experience you won’t forget. And if you do, you can just come back again, because we will keep serving you the unexpected,” he says.

Sherlocked: The ultimate escape game

Web: www.sherlocked.se
Instagram: @sherlockedmalmo
Facebook: Sherlocked

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