Åland – the main island of a cluster located in the Baltic Sea between the Swedish and Finnish shorelines – is home to a trove of experiences and stunning nature. The archipelago is widely known for its unique surroundings, and the Silverskär islands are part of a vast island system. Three main islands, Silverskär, Klobben, Sviskär – each with their own unique identity – present the best the area has to offer: top-class food, drink, activities and accommodation, combined into perfectly-tailored packages and unforgettable getaways for groups of all sizes.

The Silverskär islands are looking forward to welcoming visitors during the most magical season of the year – the summer season – after two years of various restrictions. The business is run by a family who bought the islands in the 1980s. “The whole business has grown and evolved so much since we started and we’re passionate about sharing the best of our little part of this planet. We’ve created a distinct identity for all of the islands to give visitors a range of choices, depending on their interests or the purpose of their trip. For large conference groups, small groups of friends, families, and weddings alike, our main aim is to give an authentic and unforgettable experience. This aim impacts everything we do: from the choice of building materials, to food, produce, our customer service and how we treat our surroundings,” says Kickan Sundblom, partner and family member of the Silverskär venture.

Silverskär: Explore the archipelago from your own private island


The main island, and the largest, has all the amenities for a comfortable stay. Each islands is rented on an exclusive basis – so you and your group can enjoy the entire island for yourselves. Silverskär offers 55 beds in total, with six new rooms added in 2022 – all decorated in a personal fashion, with rustic details that pay hommage to the rich history of the archipelago inhabits.

Silverskär island has all the creature comforts, and electricity is available with all amenities. A dedicated chef will cook delicious meals all day, with local fish, game and produce – perfectly matched with a tailored wine or champagne tasting. The island offers activities of all kinds, and a sauna and outdoor jacuzzi, as well as the sea on your doorstep for endless relaxation opportunities. Meanwhile, tennis, fishing excursions, kayaks and more adrenaline-inducing activities are also available.

Silverskär: Explore the archipelago from your own private island


Klobben island is another world, enveloped in natural calm. Though it’s located 15 minutes from Åland, the contrast is striking. With 32 beds available, the island can accomodate some 40 people. With the whole island to yourself, there’s plenty of room to roam, go for walks and breathe in the magic that pervades the long summer nights. “Despite its remoteness, a personal chef will come out to the island to cook meals for your group, and activities can easily be arranged – even if the range is not as broad as that of the main island. The island has a unique sauna, built into the mountain wall and, what the place lacks in man-made activities, it makes up for in nature. It’s simply an experience beyond the ordinary that makes guests come back year after year,” says Sundblom.

Silverskär: Explore the archipelago from your own private island


Are you looking to disconnect? Take the chance to go to Sviskär: an island equipped only with a small eremite hut, built with the highest degree of comfort and quality in mind, to provide an intimate experience close to nature. The island doesn’t offer electricity, but has plenty of walking trails and space for pure relaxation. Here, you will cook your meals on a gas stove or a barbecue, and simply enjoy the serenity of an entire island completely in your hands.

A cellar in the sea

The Silverskär Islands are not only a hidden-gem of dry-land experiences – there are treasures to be found below the water, too. In 2010, an old shipwreck was discovered in the archipelago, south of Åland, containing a lavish cargo: hundreds of bottles of Champagne, including samples from the renowned brand Veuve Clicquot. The bottles – which had been resting at the bottom of the sea for more than a hundred years – were brought back up to the surface and, while some were auctioned – others were sent to be analysed.

Champagne experts from around the world came to try them, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary: the Champagne was still fresh and vital after all these years. Since then, an ongoing project has been established, in which bottles of champagne are submerged to test the prospects of storing the coveted drink in the sea for longer periods. So, whether below or above the surf, there are plenty of treasures to discover on the Silverskär Islands. Welcome to an extraordinary summer like no other.

Silverskär: Explore the archipelago from your own private island

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