“Every time, it is an honour for me to step into the client’s home and help them create the space they have been dreaming about,” says Päivi Kaivola, owner of interior design firm Sisustamo. “My aim is to make interior design accessible to anyone, no matter what size their budget or project is.”

“My earliest memory of great interior design is from my childhood friend’s home, which I visited often. The whole house was exquisite. It left a strong impression on me – I still remember every detail there,” Kaivola recalls. “I believe the aesthetics around us affect our wellbeing and, for example, bringing clarity to spaces can make it easier to breathe and live there. The improved home improves the quality of life, too.”

Project in Spain. Sisustamo, Designing practical and beautiful spaces, Scan Magazine

Kaivola has designed many different kinds of spaces, from one-bedroom apartments to large villas and public spaces. “Whether it is a new-build, a renovation or a quicker makeover, I enjoy helping to make the client’s vision come alive.” The projects often include the implementation phase, where Kaivola makes sure that everything will be completed according to the plan. “I also do turnkey projects, where I take care of everything with minimum effort for the client.”

Project in Miami. Photo: Azure Development/Florida Sisustamo, Designing practical and beautiful spaces, Scan Magazine

Project in Miami. Photo: Azure Development/Florida

Fulfilling interior design dreams

The starting point in any project is that the client has a space that needs a change. According to Kaivola, one of the key factors in successful projects is good communication with the client. “I listen to them to find out what they want, even if they don’t always have a clear picture of it themselves. With today’s enormous amount of different design styles, it can become overwhelming for anyone,” she says.

Then, she creates the design and presents it to the client. “Often, the project includes many rooms, and there is always a common thread running throughout the building,” she explains. Functional design and aesthetics are both essential elements in the process. The end result is a balanced, practical and beautiful space.

Sisustamo, Project in Spain, Designing practical and beautiful spaces

Project in Spain.

Sisustamo celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and the work is taking Kaivola further from home. “I am based in Naantali in south-west Finland, but I work wherever clients need me. Recently, I have done projects abroad – two houses in Miami and one in Spain. Working abroad adds to the challenge, but it’s totally worth it. I get to work with exciting projects and spend time abroad, a combination that I find inspiring and fulfilling.”

Left: Project in Spain. Right: Designer Päivi Kaivola. Photo: Emma Kaivola. Sisustamo, Designing practical and beautiful spaces, Scan Magazine

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