S JOSTENSWEDEN’s strong designs take inspiration from historical and architectural forms and art. Modern yet timeless, the jewellery stays true to its Scandinavian origins — proving that less is often more.

Swedish jewellery brand SJOSTENSWEDEN was founded in 2015 by Ingela Sjösten. With a background in architecture, art and design, Sjösten’s jewellery is based on a devotion to form and function, and on the use of sustainable materials. Her simple lines make bold statements, giving the designs a contemporary yet ageless elegance.

Sjösten has a degree in interior architecture from the College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. “I worked as an interior architect for many years, but I felt a bit trapped,” explains the designer. “There were too many compromises for me in that type of work.” A few years ago, she was inspired to change career and the jewellery brand was born. In addition to holding an architecture degree, Sjösten also teaches art, design and architecture.

Her jewellery is characterised by iconic shapes and Sjösten effortlessly moves between sculpture and design. “I work with geometric expressions and the designs are both strong and logical. One of the best sellers, the Bullet ring, is an example.” It is very Scandinavian — classic, simple and designed to never go out of fashion — and customers appreciate the honest, bold expressions. “I believe people have missed something like this,” Sjösten comments.


Jewellery as an expression of who you are

Powerful jewellery attracts women who want to make a statement, and SJOSTENSWEDEN has been worn by celebrities such as the Swedish singer Veronica Maggio. Sjösten’s idea is for the different designs to be easily combined. “Jewellery can really change a whole outfit,” she argues. “With bold pieces, you can make a statement and get your outfit to stand out.”

What next for the talented designer? Demand for designs for men is growing, and this autumn, Sjösten will add new unisex pieces, for example cufflinks, to the line-up. She will also continue her work as an art and design teacher, since she is fascinated by the creative process in others. “But it’s important that my own work is driven by inspiration and pleasure, so I take it day by day.”

The jewellery from SJOSTENSWEDEN is handmade from sustainable materials, including brass, silver plated brass or solid sterling silver, and with soft nappa leather for the bracelets. A small factory in India has been carefully selected and Sjösten makes sure to visit every year. In addition to shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg, SJOSTENSWEDEN is also available in the web shop.


Web: www.sjostensweden.com

Instagram: @sjostensweden_

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