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One of Europe’s most beautiful Baroque-style castles, Skokloster, was built in the 1600s, during the Swedish Age of Greatness. Located by Lake Mälaren, the castle is surrounded by a beautiful park and lush nature, ideal for a day out during the summer.

There is plenty to discover at Skokloster Castle, making it one of the summer’s ideal destinations for families. “Come and spend a day at the castle,” says curator Petri Tigercrona. “There’s a lot to explore, including the castle itself with its magnificent rooms, well-preserved furnishings and paintings, but also the stunning castle grounds, which are perfect for walks along the lake and picnics in the sun.”

One of this summer’s highlights is the new exhibition The Dream of Skokloster: Between Battlefield and Starry Skies, which opens on 4 June. “We will show the treasures of the castle, things that wouldn’t normally be available to visitors,” explains Tigercrona. “You can see exciting objects, fantastic garments, beautiful portraits and tools dating back to the 17th century.” In July, the third-floor apartments open up for one of the popular dramatised tours, where the butler and the servants gossip about the lord of the manor and preparations for the King’s visit.

Skokloster Castle

Photo on the right: Lotta Larsson

And there is much more to see and do. From 17 to 19 June, children can take part in the popular Knight Camp, which is open for pre-registration. Experiencing what life was like in the Middle Ages, they can learn how to make a fire and how to handle horses, as well as wear a suit of armour. And speaking of knights, from 26 to 28 July, Skokloster Castle will host the spectacular Medieval jousting tournament, an action-packed event of courage, strength and skill, performed by Nordic Knights. On 17 August, meanwhile, for the third year, the castle will host a grand historic ball inspired by the Jane Austen era.

Skokloster Castle

Also make sure to check out the gems in the former Silver Chamber of the castle, or one of the world’s most famous paintings, Vertumnus. In the mysterious castle tower, the old studio is open for visitors to perhaps read a book, try on clothes from the 1600s, or play with the old toys. The castle organises a number of guided tours on a daily basis, the café and restaurant offer tasty treats, and visitors can find beautiful gifts in the shop. Everything is set for a wonderful day spent at the castle!

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Skokloster Castle 1556 Brahematsalen

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