You might describe Skövde as a “city not far away”. It’s only an hour from Göteborg by train, or two from Stockholm. Perfect for a family getaway or a boot camp for the cross-country skiing elite, Skövde has it all – shopping, nightlife, and outdoor activities.

If you arrive by train, you’ll enter the heart of Skövde . The train literally stops on the doorstep of the main city square, or not far from it. The city’s cultural centre is right across from the train station, and the main square, only a block away, is surrounded by picturesque 17th-century architecture.

“It’s a city with a lot to offer”, says Charlotte Backman, marketing manager for Next Skövde. “A lot of people come here for the shopping. It’s sort of a shopping hub for the surrounding areas and cities. We also have a good assortment of restaurants in all sorts of price categories and themes.”

Skövde – the family getaway with something for everyone

Top standards for Vasalopp training

On top of shopping and food, the city has an array of leisure and recreational activities to offer. To start with, it’s an official Vasalopp Centre. For all you cross-country skiing enthusiasts that means you’ll have the highest standards for preparing and training. And, not only does Billingen Skövde – the highland area rising from the city – cater to cross-country skiers, but also cyclists and runners.

“Billingen is sort of the flagship in Skövde”, Backman adds. “We talk a lot about active experiences and Billingen has grown a lot, in the past years. It’s a Vasalopp Centre for all of the Vasalopp disciplines. This means you can visit us any time of the year and train.”

During this time of year, cross-country skiing is, of course, the main focus. Skövde can provide 10 kilometres of machine-made snow, so you won’t have any excuses if the snow hasn’t fallen before your visit. “We also have an ice skating rink under a roof”, she says. “And we have a skiing slope – it’s a good place if you are looking for an assortment of things to do.”

Skövde – the family getaway with something for everyone

A corporate conference in Skövde?

Absolutely. Several hotels in Skövde accommodate corporate conferences, including Billingehus Hotel. Quaintly located at the top of the highland, Billingehus Hotel has in-house conference facilities as well as outdoor activities on the doorstep. And, overlooking the city from the hilltop, its view will provide an additionally uplifting aspect to your continental breakfast.

“If you would like to connect this to an activity, then there is no better place than Billingen,” Backman emphasises. “And this season, there’ll be more opportunities for cycling as we’ll be opening more cycling trails.

After a long conference day, you might be looking for a team building activity. At the adventure park Upzone you be able to go zip lining or take part in a team challenge activity. And it’s not only for corporate conferences – it’s perfect for a day out with friends, a bachelor or bachelorette do, or a children’s birthday party. “Or go for a bike ride, or climb our high ropes courses! You can even take part in an outdoor cooking or hiking activity.”

Moreover, Skövde is currently expanding – Volvo will be opening a new battery factory in the neighbouring city, with a production launch in 2028. This means the whole county of Skaraborg, where Skövde is located, is expecting to grow substantially. “Volvo has invested heavily – Volvo is very big here – in order to produce EV engines in Skaraborg,” Backman says. “A lot of factories are being put up, and the national defence is expanding in Skövde too.”

No need to compromise

What have we missed? Well, we’ve only just got started. There’s a spa experience for you to enjoy while your significant other is training for Vasaloppet in March, and a new conference facility will be opening this summer at Billingehus Hotel.

“You don’t have to make a choice – just come here, you can do it all in Skövde”, says Backman. “It’s easy to get here, it’s easy to move around town and Skövde has a lot to offer in all areas. And that’s also the impression we hope visitors bring with them on their journey back home – that they got a lot out of their stay with us.”

Skövde – the family getaway with something for everyone

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