Based in Norway, SNØ is one of Europe’s largest indoor ski arenas. Along with the brand-new Thon Hotel Snø, SNØ offers a unique active experience.

Throughout the colder seasons, many find themselves yearning for longer, brighter days. Now that we are finally sprawled out and sweating under the hot summer sun, our minds can’t help but wander back to the cooler days. Now, a short distance from Oslo, is the best of both worlds.

“The collaboration between Thon Hotel Snø and SNØ has been ongoing for a very long time, so we’re very excited to finally present this complete package and unique experience to visitors,” says Tamas Csorba, general manager at the brand spanking new Thon Hotel Snø.

The hotel is wall-to-wall with the 500m long SNØ arena, with a ski-in/ski-out feature which means that guests don’t even need to leave the hotel premises to strap on their winter gear. SNØ are open year-round and guarantee snow.

“The indoor snow arena offers a range of different activities,” says Ole Christian Mork, SNØ’s commercial director. “Whether you’re looking for a calmer cross-country experience, the thrills of slalom, or the challenge of ice climbing, there’s something for you.”

For those who simply want a relaxed hotel experience with good food, Thon Hotel Snø offers that too. “An excellent culinary experience and service is a key focus,” says Csorba. “Staying with the theme of snow and skiing, we’re channeling the Alps and thus serve northern-Italian-inspired food, though the produce is sourced locally.”

The Norwegian hotel chain has won the Twinings Best Breakfast awards in six other districts, and Thon Hotel Snø also plans on going the extra mile to give their guests the best breakfast experience.

SNØ and Thon Hotel Snø: Experience Norwegian summer, sun, and skiing!

Locality and sustainability

Though both SNØ and the hotel look forward to welcoming many tourists, they value taking care of the local community, socially and sustainably. “As a business, we have social responsibility and want to make sure that we remain a sustainable, accessible activity for children in the area,” says Mork.

As a part of their sustainability goals, SNØ recycles their energy. The heat that is often lost in cooling down such a large arena is instead used to heat offices and other rooms. Similarly, Thon Hotel Snø have installed solar panels, are strict on recycling, and focus heavily sourcing food locally.

A visit to Thon Hotel Snø and SNØ is thus a completely unique culinary and active experience that can be enjoyed in good conscience.

SNØ and Thon Hotel Snø: Experience Norwegian summer, sun, and skiing!

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