Situated right on the sandy beach in Sola, near Stavanger, surrounded by green fields and charming farms, the family-owned Solastranden Gård houses all types of events, from dream weddings to unique work seminars.

With a personal approach, the family-owned Solastranden Gård offers friendly service, picturesque surroundings and local, traditional food. The old farm is located just ten kilometres from Stavanger, but feels as if it’s much further away from the noise of the busy city.

Solastranden Gård’s CEO Vegard Årsvold says: “I’m born and raised on the farm and it is a truly unique place for me. We practically have the beach in our garden, as well as a charming farm atmosphere, all so close to Stavanger.”
Solastranden is a famous beach in Norway and has even been ranked as the world’s sixth-best beach by the British newspaper The Sunday Times, surpassing the shores of Spain and Thailand.

Solastranden Gård: Dreamy events in idyllic Norwegian surroundings

An historic family farm

Årsvold’s grandparents bought the farm in 1958 for agriculture and milk production. His dad inherited the farm 30 years ago and continued to run it as his parents had until 2000, when they decided to lease the land to the golf course operators.

Årsvold says: “In 2010, we decided to renovate the old barn, initially just to have a venue for the family to get together. My dad has eight siblings, so we needed a lot of space for the kids and grandkids. Then someone asked if they could arrange a Christmas party there and we thought: why not? We didn’t intend to start an events business at first, but it turned out very well.”

Solastranden Gård: Dreamy events in idyllic Norwegian surroundings

A venue for any occasion

With large windows and such close proximity to the peaceful nature around the farm, guests at Solastranden can enjoy beautiful views at any time of the year – be it the refreshing sea and green fields on sunny days or the majestic, raging ocean on stormy days.

Solastranden Gård has two venues, which can either house separate events or larger events combined. One of the buildings is a renovated barn, decorated in a romantic, traditional farm style, while the other is a larger engine house in a modern style.

Across both buildings, Solastranden Gård can host up to 600 guests. For smaller parties, the old barn can house 100 guests, while the engine house can host around 400.

The versatile engine house is largely used for business events, and features all the amenities needed for a successful seminar or conference. Companies can organise a full-day event with work seminars and lunch during the day, and team building, dinner and drinks in the evening. Alternatively, they can organise evening-only events such as summer or Christmas parties.

Årsvold says: “We encourage all our conference guests to add to the programme a stroll outside, to breathe in the refreshing sea air and to feast their eyes on the green fields around us.”

In addition to the beach and these green fields, there is also an 18-hole golf course on the premises, which makes for the perfect teambuilding activity for a company event. The farm is not only close to Stavanger, but just a three-minute drive from Sola airport, making it a perfect destination for those visiting from further afield. There are also several hotels nearby, one of which is only a short walk on the beach away.

Solastranden Gård: Dreamy events in idyllic Norwegian surroundings

Traditional Norwegian food with an international twist

Solastranden Gård has its own chef and kitchen staff, serving traditional Norwegian food with an international twist. They take inspiration from food trends around the world, but pride themselves on their expressions of local food and traditions.

Årsvold says: “My father travels around to the local farms every Monday to pick up eggs, vegetables, meat and so on, himself. Our menu is seasonal, made with high-quality ingredients from neighbouring farms.”

Ideal for weddings, Solastranden Gård provides a personal coordinator to help organise everything from start to finish, including the menu, decorations, amenities and more. “Even though we have weddings every weekend of the year, we think they are all equally important. That day is the couple’s most important day and we want to make sure everything is just as they had in mind, so no details can be overlooked,” says Årsvold. “We want to give the couple a perfect day. It’s a joyful thing to be a part of.”

Solastranden Gård: Dreamy events in idyllic Norwegian surroundings

Solastranden beach was named among the world’s nicest beaches by The Sunday Times.

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