Stenegård in Järvsö is located in the Swedish county of Hälsingland, with a rich history spanning back to the 17th century and a true hub for cultural activities. With the summer of 2024 fast approaching, the doors are open for yet another season filled with events rooted in tradition; concerts, exhibitions and activities for all ages.

Stenegård has been a meeting place ever since the 17th century and developed into the place we see today during the latter part of the 19th century, when the founder, Julius Brun, purchased two homesteads with the intention of opening a pharmacy, doctor’s reception and agricultural business.

Stenegård: A cultural destination in historical settings

The activities were taken over by the local municipality and a tourist destination took shape, building on the rich historical past while developing a site for future generations to come. ”Stenegård is a genuine meeting place with strong roots in its heritage. The site’s abundant cultural offering and true Hälsing environment has inspired visitors for centuries and we’ve remained one of Hälsingland’s top destinations for decades,” says Anna Aurusell, communications manager.

Stenegård’s plentiful activities compel visitors to come back every season. The peaceful garden was created with the help of historical plans from the founding days, and is a holistic representation of everything the site exemplifies; culture, health and beauty in tune with nature. There’s a restaurant, café and bakery, offering classic Swedish dishes as well as the local flatbread with fillings made of local produce.

Stenegård: A cultural destination in historical settings

Stenegård is a historical site surrounded by the beauty of the Hälsingland nature. Photo: Christian Gidlöf

In honour of its recreational past, there are treatments with experienced masseurs, naprapaths and beauticians on site. There are plenty of activities for children too, with playhouses (inspired by the traditional Hälsing farms), playgrounds and large green areas – perfect for fun and games. Beloved artist Barbro Svensson, Lill-Babs, is immortalised in a museum that showcases her incredible career spanning across decades. The stage area will be populated with notable names throughout the season: Tommy Körberg, Sofia Karlsson, Jill Johnson and Tomas Andersson Wij are just a few of those who will be performing in 2024.

Traditional events such as the national day and Midsummer celebrations as well as Hälsingehambon, the annual dancing event, and Moläta, a big local food celebration, attract the locals as well as international crowds. ”If you’re looking for a combination of recreation and experiences beyond the ordinary, Stenegård is the perfect spot for you,” Aurusell concludes.

Stenegård: A cultural destination in historical settings

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