S tinne Holm completed her apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 2004 and has had her own studio since 2010. Her style is Scandinavian with a raw urban touch, inspired by the district of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, where her studio is situated. She challenges women to find their own unique style and to not be afraid to stand out and be themselves.

“My customers are women who aren’t afraid to stand out and be a bit different. Most importantly, they are not afraid to be themselves. I like to lovingly push women to be a bit wilder than they intend to be. I want women to have the courage to have their own unique style and be themselves,” says Stinne Holm, goldsmith and designer.

Stinne Holm

Holm completed her apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 2004 and was taught everything in a very ‘old-school’ way. She always knew, however, that she wanted to create more modern jewellery influenced by Scandinavian simplicity.

“I’m inspired by my surroundings,” Holm says. “I grew up in the countryside, where I learned to appreciate precious metals and had access to a workshop, and my urban surroundings in Copenhagen also inspire me every day.”

Stinne Holm

Made with love and passion

These days, it is common for designers to bring out collection after collection. Stinne Holm, however, is different.

“I don’t really work with changing collections. My collection is growing constantly, but I also take things out, so that the collection does not become too big. I have classics I’ve made for years, but I like introducing new pieces and then taking out some of the old pieces,” Holm explains.

Holm’s team consists of herself, another goldsmith and an apprentice. They all work in the studio in the district of Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Stinne Holm

“Each and every piece of jewellery is made with love and passion. Everything is handmade, meaning that each piece is unique, and you won’t find two pieces that are the same,” Holm comments. “I don’t dream about having a big studio or of having my jewellery mass-produced. I like that my jewellery is handmade in Denmark, and I like that I get to design and make the jewellery myself. I think it would lose value if we had it mass-produced. And I like the idea that not everyone walks around with the same things. That’s also why I clean out the collection regularly and only make a limited number of each piece.”

Stinne Holm

Holm adds: “It’s important to me that craftmanship goes hand-in-hand with the best materials and unique design. I work with 18-karat gold and silver, and always with high quality diamonds. I’ve found my own style, and I’m not affected by trends. I always stay true to my own style.”

Stinne Holm

Web: www.stinneholm.com

Facebook: STHOgold

Instagram: @stinneholmjewellery

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