There’s no better way to discover a city than by bicycle, if you ask Stockholm Adventures. They’re probably right, too. Joakim Malm founded Stockholm Adventures with the ambition to offer the best city tours and activities possible.

It started with ice skating tours, before expanding to offering city tours by bicycle, kayaking – from their own dock – and Segway rides, plus adventurous wildlife outings and excursions in the glistening archipelago of Stockholm.

Stockholm Adventures: Adventurous excursions in Stockholm

Other tours include hiking trails.

Customers come from all over the globe and each tour is in English, although the bike tours are also offered in German and Dutch. Groups are typically around ten people and, as long as you’re at least 12 years old, you’re welcome to book onto the sightseeing packages.

New for this season is an e-bike version of the popular Stockholm at a Glance Bike Tour. “We’ve seen a rise in demand here,” says Malm. “It’s the best way to discover a city and see the people. Our motto is ‘start off with a bicycle tour, and then you’ll figure out what to do next.’”

Stockholm Adventures: Adventurous excursions in Stockholm

Discover the city with Stockholm Adventures.

For those of you looking for the full experience, you might fancy the Wildlife Safari. “Arrive in the afternoon and we’ll leave town, headed for our nature reserve in our minivan,” adds Malm. “We’ll keep an eye out for moose, wild boar and discuss Vikings and IKEA. It’s an intimate nature experience. And we serve a traditional Swedish midsummer meal, with pickled herring and potato, and Swedish caviar. I also recommend the kayak tours in the archipelago – a fantastic full-day experience.”

Stockholm Adventures: Adventurous excursions in Stockholm

The best way to experience a new city.

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