Whether exploring the archipelago or seeing the city from the water, Stockholm Nature Activities offer exciting outdoor experiences like no other. Founded by two real-life modern-day explorers, this young Swedish travel company is uncompromisingly sustainable in every way and has a deep-rooted love for nature and travelling.

“We are both adventurers,” says co-founder, owner, and one of Stockholm Nature Activities’ tour guides Bobby Puttonen, who set up the company alongside Renè Alnau in 2019. “We thought, why not use our own experiences of travelling to create adventures for other people?” he continues. Bobby’s passion for travel, nature and the city of Stockholm is clear, and he often leads several tours a day. The company offers a large range of guided kayak and hiking tours in and around Stockholm. “This year we decided to go all in!” says Bobby.

Stockholm Nature Activities: Adventurous outdoor experiences like no other

Incredible views from the water

Their kayak tour of Stockholm offers a novel and breathtaking perspective on a city surrounded by water. “We base our tours on our love for adventure and nature,” says Bobby, who moved to Stockholm from southern Sweden 12 years ago. “We want to share the beauty of the city with our customers.”

They arrange sunset tours with organic picnics, where you can enjoy the sights of the city from the water as the sun is setting – a very different experience from seeing the first light of dawn rising over the rooftops and city streets. Both are equally beautiful and worth experiencing, particularly from the water – giving a completely different view and impression of the place.

They also offer longer kayak tours around the archipelago where, over two to three days, the journey passes through the studding landscape of rural Sweden, where you can still see traditional wooden houses, and experience camping overnight on a beautiful, uninhabited island.

Stockholm Nature Activities: Adventurous outdoor experiences like no other

Sustainable in every way

“All our tours are eco-friendly,” Bobby says. At the very core of the company is a pledge to stay sustainable and to be environmentally friendly no matter what. “We want to show people that we use ecological products and teach them how to look after nature,” he continues.

It is very rare to see flotsam or plastic waste in the waters in and around Stockholm, but if they ever come across any on a tour, they “tell customers to feel free to pick it out of the water,” Bobby says. The sense that we all need to respect nature and look after it permeates the ethos of their company and being sustainable means much more to Renè and Bobby than simply ticking an obligatory box. They make a point of using public transport to show their customers how easy it is to use in and around the city, and only serve organic food. “All these small acts help,” he asserts.

Stockholm Nature Activities: Adventurous outdoor experiences like no other

From absolute beginners to Olympic hopefuls

“Our two- and three-day adventures kayaking around Stockholm might be better suited to some more than others,” Bobby continues. “But we always adapt to the level of fitness and experience in our groups.” The tours they offer are suitable for everyone, from absolute beginners to more experienced kayakers. “I recently had a customer who had tried out for the Olympics kayak team!” he explains. At the other end of the spectrum Bobby recently guided a tour with three generations: a 14-year-old, a parent and grandparent, with no experience of kayaking between them.

Stockholm Nature Activities: Adventurous outdoor experiences like no other

Nature adventure of a lifetime

“You will always have a very experienced guide with you, who both knows the area and what to do in case of an emergency,” Bobby says. All tours start in Stockholm and whilst most customers are international, they also have a local following. “Even our local customers learn something new on our tours,” he says.

Safety is crucial and each group is given clear and detailed instructions on how to steer the kayak. All tours have a professional guide with them, each bringing their different experiences and passions to the table. You will always be in safe and experienced hands.

Bobby recommends a minimum age of mid-teens, and that family tours check with the company first if they are in doubt; they are keen to welcome anyone who is interested. Whatever you might have in mind, Bobby and Renè will help you plan a unique experience in the great outdoors, a true adventure of a lifetime, which is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired, restored, and enriched.

Stockholm Nature Activities: Adventurous outdoor experiences like no other

Web: www.stockholmnature.com
Instagram: @stockholmnature

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