Architecture is about more than designing extravagant and impressive houses. It is about creating environments which enrich the lives of its inhabitants – from the moment they step into the space, until the day they might move out or move on. It is about quality, passion and atmosphere. These are the words that Studio RAM, an architectural and interior design firm based in Stockholm, lives by.

“We always strive to achieve soulful environments. Regardless of the nature of the project, private or commercial, we are dedicated to creating spaces that clients will fall in love with at first sight and continue to thrive in over time,” says Ariel Ramirez, founder and CEO of Studio RAM.

To do this, Ramirez and his team focus on forming a detailed understanding of their clients before deciding on how to approach a project. “The very first stage of a project is about understanding both spoken and unspoken needs. While spoken needs can be listed on a sheet of paper, unspoken needs are often what drive the individuality of each project and are derived from an understanding of the client’s personality and ambitions. This encompasses how they would like to live, what inspires them in the world, what their interests are, and what they would like to accomplish in life. This is also true for commercial projects, where architecture should work to elevate the business it is associated with,” says Ramirez.

Studio RAM: Quality, passion and atmosphere – the key to iconic architecture

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Harmony, from start to finish

Ramirez emphasises: “Good architecture builds the experience dynamically all the way from its methodology to the heart of the house. The transition between different spatial features, materials, textures, lights and acoustics all fundamentally affect how we experience it.”

He is quick to add that architecture is equally as much about harmony. “We always have two main goals in every project. The first is that the outcome should be nothing short of iconic, characteristic and beautiful. The second goal is equally important: that everyone involved in the project, from client and consultants down to every craftsman involved, enjoys it from start to finish. In our experience, there is nothing as important for achieving a good end result as an inspired, motivated and joyful team.”

Studio RAM: Quality, passion and atmosphere – the key to iconic architecture

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A global practice

Studio RAM’s current focus is on exclusive private villa projects, but their repertoire also includes commercial hospitality, residential, office and retail projects, amongst others. Although based in Stockholm, Sweden, they are active globally. As Ramirez emphasises, this broad set of perspectives is a great asset to the outcome of each individual project.

Studio RAM: Quality, passion and atmosphere – the key to iconic architecture

Ariel Ramirez.

Instagram: @studioram

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