Sunwall Woody is driven by curiosity and a deep desire to explore what wood, as a raw material, can do. Their products are an homage to the versatility of the organic material – with the addition of applying cutting-edge technology to it.

Sunwall Woody specialises in parametrically shaped structures for interior design and construction. Parametric design is a method in which design features are shaped based on algorithmic processes rather than direct manipulation. Sunwall Woody’s products are designed for both indoor as well as outdoor use, and the unique pieces can be tailored to clients’ needs using CNC machines.

Sunwall Woody: A harmonious dialogue between wood and high-technology

“Our high-quality products are perfect especially for hotels and shopping centres, for example – but we are not afraid of challenges, and our know-how in design and architecture, alongside the use of cutting-edge technology, allows us to undertake projects involving the most innovative ideas and implement even complex structures,” says the company’s managing director, Tuula Halme.

The primary material used in the company’s creations is wood, but any material that can be modified with a CNC machine can be used. “Mixing wood with high technology creates a kind of playful harmony,” Halme says. The company offers customers an entire design package (if they want): from planning and designing the products to the creation and installation.

“We are involved with as much or as little of the process as the client wants. Our architect can create unique pieces tailored for various purposes. The warmth of the material forms a perfect dialogue with the shapes cut to mathematical precision, creating fascinating results,” Halme concludes.

Sunwall Woody: A harmonious dialogue between wood and high-technology

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