Business has a huge part to play in the scramble to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Danish clothing brand SUNWILL is one of the companies actively reducing its environmental impact. Instead of riding along with the ever-changing trends in fashion, SUNWILL creates high-quality and long-lasting products that appeal to modern and fashionable men.

SUNWILL is owned by John and Lars Engel, the fourth generation of owners. In collaboration with their skilful employees, they keep working to improve the clothing collections. The company’s decades-long expertise in developing stretch textiles is reflected in the comfortable yet stylish garments, including blazers, jackets, vests and other universal items for the wardrobe of a modern man.

However, trousers are the mainstay of SUNWILL’s range, and since the beginning in 1963, the brand has strived to find the right fit. On its website, you can choose from fitted, modern, regular and slim cuts. “When you start wearing SUNWILL trousers, it becomes increasingly difficult to go back to other brands,” says co-owner John Engel. “Our trousers simply have the right fit, they’re comfortable to wear all day long, and the design is timeless and stylish.”

The brand’s latest collection for spring and summer features clothes made of stretchy materials that allow you to move around freely. Moreover, they are suitable for any occasion, be it dinner by the water with business partners or a stroll through a new city. Each garment is produced in the highest quality with an eye for every little detail, as SUNWILL is a brand rooted in the long tradition of Danish design – something the owners take great pride in. “Creating Danish design is a unique process, and we feel like we have an obligation to stay true to the Scandinavian design philosophy,” Engel explains. “Our designs should be simple, functional and long-lasting, rather than following the newest trends. This aligns with our sustainable agenda just fine.”

SUNWILL: Comfortably sustainable

Right: Textile factory.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is a core value of the SUNWILL brand, and its owners are deeply committed to finding and developing sustainable alternatives to the current throwaway culture, which is harmful to the environment. That’s why SUNWILL’s clothes are specifically designed to last for several years, rather than having to be replaced every now and then.

“We have an obligation to produce clothes that look good for a longer amount of time,” Engel states. “We use materials that are meant to last for years, and we produce those materials by mixing traditional tailoring methods and modern material innovation. But it’s not just about the finished product. It’s also about adapting the business and taking responsibility by inspiring customers, employees and partners with innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Another way in which SUNWILL has significantly reduced its carbon footprint in favour of the environment, is by keeping the production close to home. SUNWILL clothes are primarily produced in Lithuania, which also helps secure “an incredibly high European quality”, according to Engel.

SUNWILL: Comfortably sustainable

A natural match

Originally an independent clothing brand, SUNWILL is now owned by the family-run textile company, F. Engel Group, which also owns the hunting and outdoor clothing brand Deerhunter, as well as the workwear brand, Engel Workwear. “Since the beginning in 1927, F. Engel Group has been a pioneer in the field of developing workwear,” says Engel. “Merging the companies was a natural step since we shared many of the same values: a sense of community, customer focus and the fixation on pushing the boundaries of garment production.”

Today, every design needs to be in line with those values and the unique heritage of both SUNWILL and F. Engel Group. Together, they have developed the very thing that makes SUNWILL trousers stand out from the crowd: the perfect fit for any purpose related to either business or pleasure.

A brand for business

Ever since SUNWILL first saw the light of day, the brand has specialised in creating durable business wear made from fabrics that do not crease, even after a long day at work. “We provide solid solutions for all our customers,” Engel says. “For our business customers, we offer tailor-made and personalised collections.”

Browsing through SUNWILL’s business section, you’ll find a wide range of uniforms to suit specific jobs. A trusted partner to companies working within the fields of administration, hospitality and transport, the SUNWILL brand has plenty of experience in delivering comfortable workwear with the right fit, the right fabric, the right details and the right style.

“Our entire business is based on understanding our customers’ needs,” Engel concludes. “This allows us to respond with inspiring solutions.”

SUNWILL: Comfortably sustainable

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