Svea Solar has an ambitious goal: to provide Europe with solar power for all. In an era when the shift from fossil fuel is more imperative than ever, the company provides what is perhaps not a full silver bullet, but a big proportion of it.

As a company, Svea Solar is well on its way on the trajectory to become the biggest solar power provider in Europe. Founded by two friends, Erik Martinson and Björn Lind, on the day after their university graduation in 2013, the company has grown at an exponential speed. With over 500 employees, it is currently supplying solar power to Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, with no intention of stopping there.

Svea Solar’s solution is rooted in a holistic viewpoint, where a focus on communities across national borders is part of the foundation. “It’s a European electricity grid. It’s a scale game where growth is key: the more users that are connected to the grid, the more advantageous it will become. It’s an elastic system where our users can choose to store or feed back their surplus energy into the grid to supply power to the network,” Martinson explains.

This way, there will always be energy available promptly, whether you live in a sunny area or not. In conjunction with wind and water power, it’s a collaborative effort to provide a renewable system across countries.

Svea Solar: The power is in our hands

The architectural advantage

Bold plans come with bold statements. “Architects have a crucial role in defining how we should live our lives. A huge responsibility, right? If we want our future to be a better version of today, solar energy needs to become a much more integrated part of the architectural design process,” says Martinson. “Considering that the evolution of renewable energy sources will only increase in pace, environmental and commercial success will depend on whether you’re adapting to the progress or not.”

Currently providing power to residential buildings, housing cooperatives, agriculture, businesses and solar parks, where solutions are flexible depending on the project, Martinson asserts that the notions of solar power being expensive and unaesthetic are outdated. Solar power is becoming more price effective than the alternatives, and solar panels can be tailored to the surface and surroundings.

In the end, what motivates them? “We genuinely believe that solar power is the most efficient tool and greatest weapon to fight climate change. Our vision is to, as soon as possible, eliminate fossil fuels. Full stop.”

Svea Solar: The power is in our hands

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