Shopping in Sweden is truly an experience. Whether you are strolling down the vibrant streets of Stockholm, or visiting a local shop in Lapland, you will find that Swedish retail is a great way to familiarise yourself with the destination you are visiting, as well as with its local culture.

As you browse in Swedish stores and talk to the staff, you will quickly notice that sustainability is a key consideration of many retailers. Producing high-quality goods that are also environmentally friendly is a trend that has quickly gained traction throughout Sweden – a country renowned for its forerunning green profile.

Swedish retail is closer than you think, as some of the more prominent chains originating from our country, such as IKEA and H&M, can be found all over the globe. But Swedish retail has so much more to offer, and I encourage you to visit some of our local favourites, such as Asket, Urban Deli and Kicks.

The Swedish Trade Federation, representing retailers in Sweden, would like to take this opportunity to bid you a welcome as a visitor to Sweden and to the Swedish shopping experience. Enjoy your stay!

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