North of Kerteminde on Funen, you will find Syberg Highland Cattle. Here, Lene and Peter Bisgaard Gommesen have about 100 highland cattle. The cattle live a happy, healthy life and are grass-fed. The meat is as authentic, honest and real as it gets, with the utmost respect for the animals.

A few years ago, Lene Bisgaard Gommesen got a cow for her birthday. The intention was that Gommesen and her husband would get a calf every year, which they could eat themselves. This, however, quickly turned into a successful business. “There is something special about knowing exactly where your food comes from. The customers know where the cattle come from, who took care of them and how they lived. It is crucial for us to produce meat in an authentic, honest and real way,” explains Gommesen.

You can be positive that when you buy meat from Syberg Highland Cattle, the animal lived a good and happy life. The cattle have access to outside areas year-round, where they can move freely in their natural habitat. “The animal’s life, what it eats, how much it moves, how long it lives and how it is slaughtered all affect the quality of the meat. Cattle are born to eat grass and herbs and live on heathland, meadows and grasslands and live of the green grass,” says Gommesen.

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Animal welfare is at the forefront

At Syberg, the cattle have plenty of fresh grass, herbs, bushes and plants. This, along with the animals being outside all year round, explains the high quality of the meat. “Meat from grass-fed cattle has healthy, essential fatty acids, a higher content of vitamins and minerals and less fat, cholesterol and unwanted bacteria,” Gommesen explains.

Furthermore, grass-fed cattle grow more slowly, meaning they are older when they are slaughtered, which affects the marbling in the meat. When it is time for the animal to be made into meat, it happens in the most humane and ethical way possible. “It happens with a rifle right here on the farm, with people they know and feel safe around. That way, we avoid stressing the animal, which is both more humane and prevents the release of stress hormones that impact negatively on the tenderness of the meat,” explains Gommesen.

At Syberg Highland Cattle, they take animal welfare and quality seriously, meaning that you get the best of the best when you buy meat from them. You can buy it at the farm just north of Kerteminde, where the couple have a shop.

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