Creating contemporary living spaces, rich with plant colours from the Norwegian flora and infused with a unique character and sense of history, is the focal point of the Norwegian interior design company, SYD Interiors. Since 2022, SYD has been producing textiles from naturally plant-dyed Norwegian wool derived from the oldest breed of Norwegian sheep called Spæl.

Karen Boye, the founder and owner of SYD Interiors, attributes her strong appreciation for incorporating natural materials into home spaces to her background in the wood industry in southern Norway. “The quality, the craftsmanship, the value of the materials used – I realised how unique and special they make a living space,” says Boye. After her experiences during the pandemic, Boye knew that she wanted SYD to concentrate on working with textiles that were not synthetically or chemically treated. “I gained a real appreciation for Norwegian nature and the idea of surrounding oneself with pure, natural elements,” she says.

Boye began working with the Norwegian company Selbu Spinneri, specialising in wool from Norwegian Spæl sheep, to create her textiles. At the moment, SYD is the only company producing and selling textiles made from this type of wool, dyed exclusively with plant-based dyes. They can be used with all furniture and interiors. “Plants provide living colours. As humans, their hues bring out a variety of emotions in us,” Boye believes.

SYD interiors – Combining tradition, nature, and design

One of SYD Interiors’ most important goals is to be environmentally conscious and produce products that are not only sustainable but also regenerative. “Norwegian research shows that grazed land keeps more carbon in the soil. The sheep that provide our wool cope well independently outside. They maintain the landscape and keep it biologically diverse by grazing on it,” says Boye.

At the moment, SYD Interiors is in an expansion phase. “I’ve built up a stock of goods and am concentrating on selling my products. My aim is to increase production and sales,” confirms Boye. “I’m also focusing on researching the colour fastness of plant dyes and expanding our range to include various textile types beyond spun wool.” Moreover, SYD hopes to begin selling its products throughout the Nordic region and abroad. “So far, I’ve focused on getting incorporated into Norwegian design and architecture. I’m being contacted now by clients in other countries, and SYD’s plan is to branch out into new markets,” says Boye.

Ultimately, SYD Interiors hopes to re-energise tradition. “As consumers, we are looking towards natural goods that are healthy for us and the environment. Older crafts are seeing a renaissance,” assesses Boye. “My plan is for SYD to be a part of this.”

SYD interiors – Combining tradition, nature, and design

Karen Boye, the founder and owner of SYD, holding some of the company’s plant-dyed textiles.

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