Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, or to have a day of family fun, the Garden of Tambour in Varde is a lovely spot. Kids can find their inner adventurer as they explore the garden, while adults will appreciate the serenity.

Nestled in a forest by Karlsgårde Lake, you’ll find the historic, enchanting Garden of Tambour. Here, you’ll not only discover an abundance of flowers, trees and plants, but you’ll also find an orangery, a cottage from 1939, and a teahouse.

Tambours Have: Explore a blooming world

“It is a very tranquil place, where guests can enjoy summer and just be in the present moment,” says Gitte Røn Dalsgaard, tourism and event coordinator at the Garden of Tambour.

The Garden of Tambour was founded by Gerhard Tambour in the 1950s. Tambour envisioned creating a paradise on Earth, and when strolling through this oasis, there’s no doubt that his vision has come alive.

Tambours Have: Explore a blooming world

When wandering around the garden, you might feel nostalgic. You can be served homemade rolls on floral china that reminds you of your grandmother, or perhaps come across an ancient herb in the physic garden that takes you back to your childhood.

Tambours Have: Explore a blooming world

With 25 events each year, ranging from concerts to outdoor church services, there is something for everyone. Kids will also have plenty to explore, and a treasure hunt is on the drawing board. Outside the garden, there’s a playground and a fire pit, making it an ideal place for a family outing. The small café serves coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, delicious cakes and ice cream.

Tambours Have: Explore a blooming world

Web: www.tambour.vardekommune.dk
Facebook: Tambours Have

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