The plays at Teater Nordkraft are inspired by stories from the local community with a quirky edge that will leave you with a ‘wow’ feeling. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wonder. Get ready for an exceptional theatre experience.

Teater Nordkraft is a small theatre in a big city. Because they are small and have lots of creative freedom, they dare to be a little bit different and take chances. “We work somewhere between the familiar and the quirky – things that people can identify with and where they can see each other and everyday life, and at the same time go ‘What? What kind of twisted mind thought of that?’ This is where art pushes boundaries and changes something,” explains Helen Steensbæk Schrøder, PR manager at Teater Nordkraft. “There are so many brilliant stories from Aalborg. We want to know what it means to be human here. What are people interested in? What do they love and hate? What does the world look like here?”

By telling stories from Aalborg and the surrounding towns, Teater Nordkraft hopes to be a part of Aalborg’s transformation from a city of concrete and heavy industry, to a city of culture and technology. The theatre is also deeply engaged in the growing underground artistic scene of Aalborg, by teaching the students of TGK – a theatre talent programme for youth – at the theatre and facilitating the independent artists of VÆKSTLAG 9000.

Teater Nordkraft | Quirky and daring theatre with local stories, Scan Magazine

During the spring season, you will be able to enjoy many fantastic plays and performances at Teater Nordkraft. You can see the brilliantly funny play OW Bunker, which is a finance comedy about, well, OW Bunker. You can also see the more whimsical show Dit Lort Mit Show (‘Your Shit My Show’), a play inspired by all the strange, amusing and quirky things people sell online. “For instance, there is a woman selling an unused wedding dress. Another person is selling a poster with an instruction manual for an AK-47. We interview these people and turn their stories into a play,” Schrøder explains.

The spring season also offers praised international performances. You can watch the beloved BLAM!, which is an action comedy by Kristján Ingimarsson. Moreover, you can watch the dance performance Human in Balance, which is a magical show with live music, dance and crazy stunts.

As something new and unique, Teater Nordkraft has created six conversation guides for the audience. “We want people to talk about the shows, to broaden their horizon by listening to what their friends and family thought of the play,” says Schrøder. “By offering these conversation guides, we want to help the audience get an even deeper and more meaningful experience when they see a play.”

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