The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala have combined botany and horticulture for more than 350 years. And this summer, curious botanists can enjoy a visit to the newly opened visitors’ pavilion, as well as feed their imagination with Bo Mossberg’s popular illustrations.

These days, the Linnaean Gardens consist of the Botanical Garden, the Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum, and Linnaeus’ Hammarby with an authentic 18th century milieu. And as the name suggests, the gardens are named after Carl Linnaeus, mainly known as the father of modern taxonomy due to his creation of a system for naming organisms.

Linnaeus lived and worked in Uppsala for more than 50 years, and his birthday is celebrated annually at the Linnaean Garden Party. In fact, on 18 May, visitors can head for the Linnaeus Garden to time travel back to the 18th century, hear the rustle of silk skirts, see silver shoe buckles glisten, and sample artisan foods. Moreover, they can find rare plants for their garden and pick up advice on how to grow them, meet scientists from SLU and Uppsala University, experiment, and learn more about Linnaean science.

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala: Where heritage springs into bloom

Just like said party, Bo Mossberg’s exhibition Blommor, Bin och Landskap (flowers, bees and landscapes) will open its doors on 18 May. Mossberg, who is a celebrated artist and one of Sweden’s leading floral artists, will share illustrations and aquarelles throughout summer, influenced by the world of jazz. “Bo has an incredible eye for detail and paints beautifully while staying true to the scientific elements of the flora he portrays,” explains Lotta Sturesson Saetre, communication officer. “He’s an expert in turning botany into an adventure and helping us understand the beauty that surrounds us.”

When asked to describe the Linnaeus Garden, Sturesson Saetre answers; “it’s an oasis in the heart of the city so well hidden that many people can’t even find it. You enter a complete calm, going 250 years back in time.“ She adds that the Botanical Garden is equally worth visiting with its varied offerings. “While enjoying the diversity of plants, you can also have a picnic, visit the Tropical Greenhouse, play hide and seek behind the hedges, and enjoy the grandiose Baroque Garden next to the castle.”

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala: Where heritage springs into bloom

Illustration: Bo Mossberg

Instagram: @uppsalalineanska

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