Torplyktan started with a mission to share the beauty of the Swedish four seasons by bringing it into people’s homes in the form of candles and scents. What makes Torplyktans’ products stand out is their environmentally friendly and sustainable ethos. The love for Swedish nature, along with the utmost respect for the environment, inspires each product designed.

Torplyktan began with three people: Bunmi, the toxicologist and kinesiologist; Helena, the aromatherapist; and Hannes, the creative mastermind. They came together with a mutual goal: to share the joy of time. Their environmentally friendly candles and scents are about embracing balance and relaxation with respect for our environment. All products are made with eco-friendly packaging and recycled glass, and customers are encouraged to reuse the products.


The bedrock of Torplyktan is quality before quantity. The name, Torplyktan, is rooted in the heart of the Swedish Västergötland forests, and each package and product has its own design. The products aim to evoke a nostalgic feeling of what it is like to be in Sweden during each season. “Everything we create is something we want in our own homes, and we encourage our customers to reuse the containers. Our generation is very aware of sustainability, which is the exemplum for our company. We have truly embraced the Swedish culture of simplicity and the word ‘lagom’, meaning not too much, not too little,” says Bunmi Omotade, toxicologist and co-owner.

Each material and scent has been carefully selected and designed. From the selection of the materials to the presentation of the products, everything has been given careful attention to ensure that the products exude that Swedish feeling and culture. The company is growing dramatically as orders are increasing, and they have strengthened their relationship with many major retailers during the past year. Safe to say, customers are enjoying that clean look and the sustainable ethos.


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