Træfolk is Danish design at its best. It started with a wooden plank table, but today, the collection includes cutting boards, bar chairs, garden furniture, coffee tables and many other products. Everything is handmade in Denmark, and sustainability is at the forefront.

Træfolk (‘tree people’) started as a hobby project in Brian Reinholt’s garage, but a year and a half ago, it had become so successful that it had grown into a business. Today, there are two owners: Brian Reinholt and Patrick Vinding. “It all started with our plank tables. Our tables have nice, even edges; they are not raw and rustic like so many other wooden tables. We are passionate about classic Danish design,” says Patrick Vinding, co-owner of Træfolk.

Every single product is handmade in Løsning, a small town in Jutland. The wood is FSC-certified, meaning, as a customer, you get the peace of mind of endorsing environmental and social responsibility. “Sustainability is second nature to us. When we take something from nature, we feel bound to not waste anything. All leftover wood from our plank tables is used to make cutting boards, serving trays, chairs and many of our other products. It is 100 per cent sustainable,” says Vinding.


Design your own table

For Vinding and Reinholt, it is crucial that everything is handmade in Denmark. If you think that sounds wonderful but expensive, there is good news: despite being handmade in Denmark, Træfolk’s products are surprisingly affordable. “Træfolk is affordable, high-quality Danish design. You buy our superior products, such as plank tables, directly from us, meaning that we cut out the middleman, which makes the products more affordable. We have optimised our production so much that we can compete with Asian prices when you take quality into consideration,” explains Vinding. “Producing everything in Denmark also makes the production more sustainable, and we know exactly what is going on from beginning to end – and at the end of the day, we just wanted to produce classic Danish furniture in the country.”

When you buy a plank table from Træfolk, you not only get classic Danish design, but also a chance to design your own table. You choose the size, the type of wood, the oil and the overall look of your new table. “Our customers get a beautiful, sustainable table in a classic, timeless design, and they love their tables,” says Vinding.

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