Originally a giant of the rubber-boot industry, Tretorn is a long-time maker of function-first outerwear and footwear that never compromises on style. Inspired by Scandinavian weather and living, the brand’s DNA is made up of classic silhouettes, timeless durability, lots of innovation – and a little bit of rubber.

As a well-established brand that has been trading for over a century, Tretorn has numerous milestones and historic happenings to shout about. Homing in on more recent big-impact events, a few in particular have helped shape Tretorn into what the brand is today.

Tretorn: back to basics

Sea level boot.

Eco Essentials

Tretorn’s approach is fuelled by sustainability. The brand uses its rich heritage and knowledge to consistently contribute to a better future, and this led to the founding of the Eco Essentials Initiative back in 2016. Acting as a platform for sustainable development, it features a range of clever collections and projects designed to show that change is possible.

“In order to make a real difference, we must start producing everyday products with a circular process in mind and consider how to bring it up to scale,” explains Tretorn CEO, Magnus Månsson.

A great example of an Eco Essentials project is the Ghost Net collection. This limited-edition collaboration with Swedish outdoor brand Naturkompaniet used recycled fishing nets, which are often made from some of the best nylon in the world, to make a rainwear collection. The nets were collected to prevent ocean pollution and turned into long-lasting garments such as Tretorn’s Rain Jacket From the Sea.

Tretorn: back to basics


Sea Level Boot

Sea levels may rise by 26 centimetres by 2050. Although this fact is well-known, it’s also difficult to fully grasp. “That’s why we launched the Sea Level Boot with a measuring stick on the back, as a reminder of the changes that need to happen and the consequences if they don’t,” says Månsson.

The boot, which is a limited edition of Tretorn’s most iconic footwear, is made of certified natural rubber and recycled materials in both sole and lining. All proceeds go to the charity Sea Life Trust’s ‘Lower the Rise’ project, which works to reduce the impact of climate change in oceans.

The Tretorn look

There is a signature silhouette across the entire Tretorn product range. The Wings Rainjacket, a classic waterproof available in a whole host of colours, and the Wings Rubber Boot are both icons that have been loved by city-dwellers and country-lovers alike, ever since the 1960s when they were first introduced.

The Arch Hybrid Boot is another innovative product known for its great functionality. An urban and waterproof shoe designed for cold and rainy days, it features Tretorn’s classic, stripped-down Scandinavian design while keeping feet nice and warm.

Sneakers and tennis

Another string in Tretorn’s bow is its history as one of the very first brands to ever make trainers. They launched their rubber-soled shoe on 1 May 1900, and popularity and demand grew steadily as workers started having more time for leisure on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Between 1930-1980, we produced a lot of sneakers for performance tennis. Björn Borg, for instance, played some of his peak years wearing our Nylite model. That, along with being included in the Preppy Handbook, really propelled the shoes’ rise in pop-culture,” says Månsson. “We still sell Nylite today, and there’s no sign of demand dropping off.”

Around the same time as the sneakers gained traction amongst workers, tennis became popular – thanks again to an increase in leisure-time. This is what led Tretorn to start producing tennis balls, which traditionally have a core made of rubber. Unsurprisingly, Björn Borg also played with Tretorn balls throughout his career, and today Tretorn exports tennis balls to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Innovation and preservation

When it comes to innovation, progress is slow and organic – just as it should be. “We put more emphasis on updating and improving existing products than on creating something new just for the sake of it. It’s about sourcing better and more durable materials and improving the fit for existing silhouettes,” explains Månsson. “We want to inspire customers to have a strong base that will last a long time, instead of following trends that will change with the season.”

So, expect to see a lot of returning products, year after year. Just know that they’re coming back just a little bit better each time.

Tretorn: back to basics

Left: Leftover project. Right: Eco sneakers.

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