We spend most of our time indoors. Buildings therefore need an indoor climate that contributes to our well-being. Troldtekt natural acoustic solutions make a positive difference that you can hear, see and feel, the minute you step into a room.

At Troldtekt’s factory in the heathland landscape of western Jutland, raw wood is stacked in neat piles. The wood, which comes from Danish forests, is – together with cement – the raw material used to manufacture Troldtekt acoustic panels. This is how it has been since the first panels left the factory, back in 1935. Today, production takes place using highly advanced, energy-efficient technology, and Troldtekt is one of the leading solutions for ensuring a healthy indoor climate in northern European buildings.

The contemporary architectural trend for spacious interiors and hard materials has spurred the need for aesthetic acoustic solutions and paved the way for Troldtekt’s growth. However, the need for a green transformation of the construction industry has also contributed to Troldtekt’s popularity.

Troldtekt: Calm, characterful and healthy architecture

Ørsted Gymnasium. Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelse

“Stone, glass, plaster, concrete and steel are popular materials in construction, while curtains and rugs rarely find their way into interiors. This cocktail presents considerable acoustic challenges, because sounds bounce around between the hard surfaces, turning conversation into noise,” says Michael Christensen, an architect at Troldtekt. “It is therefore necessary to use the largest surfaces – the ceilings and walls – to regulate the acoustics. At the same time, it opens up the possibility of adding a textural and characterful look to the decor.”

Thanks to the open structure of Troldtekt acoustic panels, the sound in a room quickly dies out. Where a concrete ceiling only absorbs one to two per cent of the sound, a Troldtekt ceiling will typically absorb 80-90 per cent. Superior acoustics can play a vital role for learning in schools, for productivity in offices – and for people’s general well-being in all types of buildings.

Troldtekt: Calm, characterful and healthy architecture

Photo: Niels Nygaard. Erlev Skole in southern Jutland is one of the shortlisted finalists at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2022. The newly built, sustainable school is primarily made of wood. Wood is also the raw material in Troldtekt acoustic panels, which helps to ensure a healthy indoor climate with superior acoustics.

Green strategy and great design freedom

Ten years ago, Troldtekt decided to base its strategy on the sustainable ‘cradle to cradle’ design concept. Here, the focus is on healthy and recyclable materials, with a production based on renewable energy and social responsibility.

“98 per cent of the energy used at our factory now comes from renewable sources, while production waste is recycled as a raw material in new cement. At the same time, we can document that the acoustic panels do not contain substances that are harmful to humans or the environment,” says Tina Snedker Kristensen, head of sustainability and communications at Troldtekt.

Troldtekt: Calm, characterful and healthy architecture

Photo: Niels Nygaard

In parallel with the green transition, Troldtekt has refined the design of its acoustic panels in recent years; among other things, with a design series in which the panels feature longitudinal grooves or special patterns milled into the surface.

“For architects, using standard products to design something unique or with special character is a classic discipline. The goal of the design series has been to create a marriage of form and function in a very wide range of products. Some of the solutions dovetail perfectly with Nordic design, with straight lines and angles, while others are more expressive,” says Christensen, who designed the series.

Troldtekt: Calm, characterful and healthy architecture

Erlev Skole. Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelse

Web: www.troldtekt.com

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