At 70 degrees north, you can find Troms Arctic Archipelago, situated a mere hour’s drive from Tromsø – the capital for watching the northern lights and a major cultural hub in Norway. Enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the six islands that make up the archipelago, through sea kayaking, fishing, hiking, or spectacular whale safaris.

Troms Archipelago consists of the islands Ringvassøy, Vannøy, Reinøy, Karlsøy and Rebbenesøy, as well as multiple uninhabited islands and several conservation areas. Karlsøy municipality – Norway’s third largest – offers experiences ranging from Karlsøya’s art and music festival, to Ringvassøy’s popular Amazing Aurora experience. As Norway’s northernmost archipelago with an immense cultural history, the region is a gem of wild diversity.

Visit Karlsøy lodge room photo by Skaret Lodge

Beautiful Skaret Lodge makes you feel at home in Norway’s northernmost archipelago. Photo: Skaret Lodge

Northern lights watching is one of the region’s most spectacular offerings, and the wintertime is peak light-watching time. Experience this glorious phenomenon on a guided tour to beautiful sites such as Skogsfjordvannet, Grunnfjord or Dåfjord, where you’ll be served a hot meal in the grill hut along with some freshly prepared fire-side coffee or tea. You’ll be in the perfect location waiting for the lights, and you may also try out some ice-fishing on the frozen waters while you wait. Comfortable and stylish accommodation can be found at Skaret Lodge, where you can warm up after your adventures.

Visit Karlsøy kayaking sunset photoy by Elements Arctic Camp

Enjoy spectacular sunsets from the kayak.

Nature aficionados and animal lovers are in the ideal spot for combining their interests, particularly enjoying one of the archipelago’s many tailored package trips. Join Elements Arctic Camp on an intimate kayaking adventure, enjoying the Norwegian Sea with views of idyllic islets and white beaches, and complete the experience with a stay at the eco camp, with comfortable yurts and local cuisine.

Another wildly popular adventure is Vannøy Sport & Havfiske’s bird safari to the cliff island and nature park Nord-Fugløy (Norwegian for ‘northern island of birds’), one of Europe’s largest colonies for sea eagles. You’ll also see enormous amounts of the characteristic puffin birds, razorbill, common guillemot and black guillemot, and on a lucky day, the seals and Atlantic white sided dolphins show up to play. Those fortunate enough to also see humpback and killer whales at their purest, in their natural habitat off the coast, will be in for an experience of a lifetime. The Troms archipelago has something for everyone – come discover it for yourself!

Visit Karlsøy sea eagle photo by Vannøy Sport & Havfiske

Vannøy Sport & Havfiske brings you close to nature. Photo: Vannøy Sport & Havfiske

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