If you are keen to explore the highlands of Iceland in the safe hands of an experienced guide but without the restrictions of a big group, a private tour with Try Adventure may be the way to go.

Some of the most popular tours go to the stunning Thorsmork valley, which sits between the glaciers Tindfjallajökull, Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull. “We drive there in modified trucks/SUV’s, crossing glacial rivers, stopping in a few locations, perhaps hiking around or looking at the geology and taking pictures – just enjoying being in the moment.”

Try adventure – in safe hands

Hilmar Finnsson. Photo: Lisa Digiglio

Another one of his tours is around the black lava fields surrounding the Hekla volcano. Many sites are hard to access, but to Hilmar, the journey is the real adventure.

Travelling and exploring in this way is possible because each tour is individually adapted. “It’s about experience, you quickly learn to gauge what people are up for and what they are not up for,” Hilmar says. “Usually, I present my suggestion for the programme in the morning, and then we play it by ear – of course, we have a structure, but we can play around within that structure.”

Tours can be arranged for groups of one to seven people.

Try adventure – in safe hands

Þórsmörk. Photo: Ben Simon

Web: www.tryadventure.is

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