Hand-made jewellery, produced from upcycled plastic waste. Jing Wang, founder of Upcycle with Jing, has perfected a unique approach to making beautiful and sustainable accessories.

Disillusioned with her studies in industrial design, Jing decided to change direction. Now living in Finland, where she studied applied art and design, she has found her passion in creating beautiful, sustainable, handmade jewellery out of upcycled plastic bottles.

Upcycle with Jing: Fabulous sustainable upcycled jewellery

Butterfly Orchid Pearl Earrings. Photo: Sandra Backman

Jing started her company six years ago, making jewellery while still studying. Encouraged by fellow students and teachers, she set up a business selling to friends and at craft fairs.

Upcycle with Jing now has a team of five homeworkers with Jing at the helm to guide and support. While Jing designs, and oversees the production and quality control, she still likes to keep a hand in the creative process of cutting and assembling the jewellery.

Upcycle with Jing: Fabulous sustainable upcycled jewellery

Jasmine Flower Fairy Ring. Photo: Paula Galez

Inspired by nature, Jing produces new styles every year. A series of butterfly designs is about to be introduced to the collection, ready for the summer. Jing is passionate about producing her work in a circular economy where no waste is created, and materials are repurposed. For this reason, she scrutinizes all products used in the production of her jewellery.

Always on the lookout for new methods in ethical materials, this year Jing is trying out new techniques using Finnish gold, saying, “this is ethical gold, no child labour.” Reaching for her five-month-old son, Minthi, she adds “I don’t feel like this is work, it’s my passion.”

Upcycle with Jing: Fabulous sustainable upcycled jewellery

Left: Jing Wang Director of upcycle with Jing. Photo: Aava Wang. Middle: Butterfly Orchid Drop Earrings. Photo: Sandra Backman Right: Snow Fairy Drop Earrings. Photo: Julie Rönkä.

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