When thinking of Scandinavia, many think of forests – woods with waterways, animals, the old, the new, the lively, and the silence. If you want to discover all of this and more, visit Varjola – a resort with nature just beyond its doorstep.

With over 35 activities and adventures to discover, Varjola has something for everyone. “You could say we have three parts of our organisation. We have the relaxing bit, where our visitors can experience the Finnish sauna, go for a walk in the forests, or enjoy our locally produced food in one of our restaurants. Then we have the adventure bit for the adrenalin seeker. Here, we offer quad bike and snowmobile safari, hiking, and rafting. Finally, we have a wide selection of team-building activities, which we have developed for our visiting conference groups,” says Riikka Ruunaniemi, sales and marketing manager at Varjola.

Varjola With nature just beyond its doorstep, Scan Magazine

The accommodation differs depending on what you are looking for in your stay, but comfort is a promise at Varjola regardless of what you choose.

“We have hotel standard accommodation, and our focus is on making it as comfortable as possible for our guests. Just because you are staying close to nature, that doesn’t mean you have to live in a tent.”

Although Varjola encourages visitors to discover nature in the most exciting ways, the resort also sees the beauty in just being. “We have focused a lot on our activities for a while, but after reading studies on what tourists wants from Scandinavia, we have seen that the interest lies in the calm and the silence. I just had a couple from Italy checking out, and they were so pleased with how quiet it could be. People seek places where they can just breathe,” concludes Ruunaniemi.

Web: www.varjola.com
Facebook: varjolaan
Instagram: @varjolaresort

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