Verket is an old iron mill established during the 19th century, and ever since the beginning, it has been housed in an impressive industrial environment. The purpose of its labyrinth-like, monumental interior has steadily moved from the sooty, mechanical production of the past to a space for enlightenment, dedicated to arts, science and exploration.

Verket is situated in Avesta, in the county of Dalarna, with a strong industrial lineage dating back hundreds of years thanks to its iron and copper-rich soil. Verket stands proudly despite its old age, and original industrial features, brickwork, windows and chimneys have all been preserved.

Today, the mill is a hub for learning and culture. Charlotte Wells, manager and curator, explains: “The iron mill has become a passage between our industrial past and contemporary cultural expressions. School classes from around the region regularly visit to participate in creative workshops and to learn about art, maths and science, and about the process of iron from the beginning to finished product. We are also an exhibition space for art and culture, and we’re very excited to present this year’s edition of our annual art event: Avesta Art.”

Verket: Contemporary expressions clad in historical environments

Verket in the olden days. Photo: Thorvald Gehrman

The group exhibition, titled Seasons, is an epic love letter to the four seasons, so clearly defined in the northern regions, examining their profound significance for us as humans and serving as a subtle reminder of what could be lost as our climate is changing. Seven installations by different artists will represent the seasonal changes: installations, photography, painting, sculpture, video and immersive art will build this spectacular display of contemporary art in an equally spectacular setting.

The largest exhibition hall will host an immersive whirlwind of an exhibition featuring Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons and interpretive visuals by Italian Emotional Experiences. Johanna Hästö, Joel Danielsson, Erica Giacomazzi, Lena Granefelt, Olle Norås and Anna Ling are the other participating artists.

“Art is an incredible thing; it entertains, surprises and provokes, but most of all it makes us feel, with a unique ability to connect thoughts and feelings. This exhibition is created to make us appreciate what we have and realise the gravity of what could be lost: the incredible beauty of our four seasons. We wish to reach beyond science, through a beautiful and thought-provoking experience, and that’s why we’re so excited to welcome visitors to this year’s Avesta Art exhibition at Verket,” finishes Wells.

Verket: Contemporary expressions clad in historical environments

Anna Linnea Liljeholm for Avesta Art 2020.

Avesta Art 2022 is open from 14 May until 18 September 2022.

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