Verso Skincare is on a mission to provide innovative yet functional skincare – for everyday simplicity and long-term beauty and health – because great skincare should not be complicated and every single ingredient should have a purpose.

With science as a starting point, Verso Skincare creates high-quality skincare products, developed in conjunction with leading specialists, rigorously tested, and made without any nonessential ingredients. Importantly, no shortcuts are allowed.

The high-end brand is a pioneer in Vitamin A-based skincare products. In addition to industry-leading formulas, the minimalist and sleek Scandinavian design is part of the brand’s success. “It’s important that the product is functional, stable and long-lasting,” says Lars Fredriksson, CEO and founder. “It should live up to all its promises. In addition, it should be an aesthetically pleasing detail in your life.”

Launched in 2013 by Lars Fredriksson, Verso is located in the midst of a significant research hub, close to the University of Stockholm’s campus at Frescati. The proximity to the scientific community and leading experts in the field has been essential to Verso’s research-based product development approach and range of skin essentials. Since its launch, Verso has seen steady organic growth, and the compact range of award-winning serums and creams is now available in more than 25 countries.

Verso Skincare: Premium functional skincare, firmly rooted in science

Vitamin A as the star ingredient

Fredriksson’s ambition with Verso is to continue to develop effective, functional skincare, and at the core of the brand and its mission is Vitamin A-based products. “Vitamin A is the golden standard in skincare,” says Fredriksson. ”Few ingredients are so well documented. We believe that everyone should use at least one Vitamin A product every day in their skincare routine.”

Amongst the many benefits of Vitamin A is its visibly rejuvenating properties; it strengthens, visibly firms and enhances the skin’s natural glow. Verso has developed products with the unique Vitamin A complex Retinol 8, which is kinder to the skin without compromising the result. Retinol 8 was clinically tested under the supervision of doctors from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. The formulation has proven to be eight times as effective and half as irritative as conventional retinol. The result is an improved look of even skin tone and reduced appearance of fine lines.

Verso Skincare: Premium functional skincare, firmly rooted in science

Another hero ingredient in skincare is Niacinamide. Recently, Verso has managed to combine Vitamin A and Niacinamide in a patented molecule, NEAR 1 (Niacinamidoethyl Retinoate), described as a third-generation retinoid. The first product with the new molecule NEAR 1 is Super Elixir, launched in September 2022. It targets and helps reduce the appearance of dullness, uneven skin tone, and provides a smoother texture. Super Elixir has won a number of awards, including Best Skin Innovation at Marie Claire Skin Awards in 2022, one of the most respected awards in the skincare industry, and Serum/Oil of the Year at Swedish Beauty Awards 2023.

”NEAR 1 is the result of eight years of research and harnesses the essence of our philosophy – a science-first mindset – and our core ambition to offer skincare that provides visible results,” says Fredriksson. “It combines the best of two worlds. Niacinamide stabilizes and enhances Vitamin A, creating a high-performance vitamin A with great stability.”

Verso Skincare: Premium functional skincare, firmly rooted in science

Minimalist approach to skincare

Verso has received numerous other nominations and awards for its innovative products and branding. For instance, in 2021 Verso was awarded Beauty Icon of the Year by Nordiska Kompaniet in Sweden for establishing “a brand that goes beyond age and gender.”

Today, Verso has a smorgasbord of 23 stand-alone products in its line-up, of which 10 are Vitamin A-based. The idea is to simplify the daily skincare routine for consumers, with a convenient range of products to pick and choose from, depending on which formulation works best for your skin.

Verso´s focus on carefully selected ingredients, pure science-based formulas without shortcuts, and a range of stand-alone products is ongoing and imprinted in its DNA. Only high-quality ingredients with the proven ability to visibly rejuvenate the skin and maintain its beauty make the cut. “Great skincare shouldn’t be complicated and there shouldn’t be anything in the product that doesn’t have a given function,” concludes Fredriksson and reassures, “Verso’s range is gentle enough for everyday use, even on delicate skin.”

Verso Skincare: Premium functional skincare, firmly rooted in science

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