The beautiful island of Langeland is a part of the South Funen archipelago. With 152 kilometres of unspoiled coastline and calm waters, and a wealth of culture and activities to choose from, this hidden gem is an ideal spot for a holiday.

The landscape of Langeland is full of character. The so-called Hat Hills, for example, are unique to the island. A leftover from the ice age, these hat-shaped hills in an otherwise flat landscape are an important part of Langeland’s history and culture. Langeland is located in one of the largest inundated ice age landscapes in the world and, underneath the surrounding waters, a stone age settlement has been discovered on the seafloor.

The island cultivates sustainable tourism, and together with the nearby municipalities of Svendborg, Faaborg-Midtfyn and Ærø, Langeland has recently applied to become a UNESCO Global Geopark. The island’s stunning beaches are a big draw, with facilities for easy access being developed, and a diving tower for the daring souls!

Something for everyone all year round

Besides the different activities you can pursue on and off the water, each season offers something different and Langeland has a rich culture scene, with a strong tradition for art.

There is the Art Towers, Denmark’s longest-running exhibition open 365 days a year. Then, at Easter, the many local artists open their studio doors to the public. The island is also renowned for its many performing artists who are attracted by the unique light and landscape.

During the summer there are several local events worth experiencing – especially the annual Frikadelle Festival in the city of Lohals. This harbour festival includes a quirky and quintessentially Danish ‘frikadelle’ (traditional Danish meatballs) celebration. The summer is also the best season for sailing around the island – it’s a fantastic way to take in the wild and abundant nature on and off the coast.

In the first weekend of November, as the winter closes in, the island hosts the event ‘Light in the Darkness’, to celebrate the starry night sky, which is visible with unique brightness and clarity from Langeland. This is marked by a weekend of cultural events.

The waters around the island are shallow and the beaches are sheltered from strong winds. Here, the locals use the sea as their swimming pool and the family-friendly beaches never feel crowded. With so many different things to explore, Langeland is a truly wonderful destination, any time of the year.

Visit Langeland: discover a unique destination shaped by ancient history

Biking through the Hat Hills. Photo: Visit Langeland

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