Throughout the Nordic countries, it is traditional for parents to give babies their daily naps outside, even during the winter. Snug in a cosy sleep suit and warm pram bedding, it’s a wonderful way for young children to get plenty of fresh air. Voksi, a Norwegian company that specialises in sleeping bags for babies and small children, has helped keep this custom safe and comfortable since 1985.

Voksi, which means ‘to grow in’ in Norwegian, is a family company that believes in the quality of what they make. Their greatest inspiration is to see products such as their sleeping bags and wool clothing used every day and then passed down to siblings and friends. “We’ve been making great outdoor sleepwear for over four decades,” says Karen Sofie Grung Smedberg, the global marketing manager for Voksi. “We are very Norwegian, and also very Scandinavian. In Norway, our love and care for nature starts with enjoying fresh air from childhood. Our biggest priority is ensuring we make long-lasting products that keep children warm and are responsible in light of the challenges our environment faces. We believe in a future where we buy less, but buy better.”

Voksi: Helping babies sleep comfortably outdoors

As well as being a staple item in Scandinavian families, Voksi’s sleeping bags are used globally and can be purchased in shops throughout the Nordic region and in other parts of Europe and in the US. “Our products are built on a Scandinavian design where every detail has a purpose,” says Grung Smedberg. “Nature is always our inspiration. We have worked with the same suppliers for years, and we ensure that they commit to international conventions for animal and human rights.”

Voksi’s most popular products are their Voksi Urban and Explorer sleeping bags. They also launched a new version, Voksi Adventure, earlier this year. All have the same commitment to safety and quality.

Voksi’s wool clothing works perfectly in conjunction with their sleeping bags. It acts as a middle layer for a baby napping in a pram or for older children playing outdoors. The sizes range from 56 to 128. All their woollen products are made from 100 percent Australian merino wool. “In Norway, ‘voksipose’ is another word for sleeping bag,” says Grung Smedberg. “Sleeping bags are something most families use every day and are also perfect when going places with your children. Whether you are strolling around a city, hiking in the mountains or just giving your child a nap outside, Voksi sleeping bags will keep your baby warm, dry, and protected.”

Voksi: Helping babies sleep comfortably outdoors

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