Von Norten, a Scandinavian eco-conscious luxury brand, was created from the idea that a home should be filled with nature and kindness. Von Norten wants to offer luxurious candles, scents, and body products without paraffin, paraben and other harsh chemicals, without losing the luxury feeling. The brand is inspired by the Scandinavian heritage and offers sustainable, consciously made candles that burn 30 to 50 per cent longer because of their vegan wax.

Cayla Johansson is the creator of Von Norten, and she has always been a fan of enriching her home with candles. “I invested in a lot of candles when I was on maternity leave, and it has always been something that I enjoy having around me in my home. However, I often felt poorly, and I started wondering if I was allergic to something. A friend of mine then pointed out that I had a lot of scented candles and that they contain a lot of chemicals and paraffin. That’s why I decided to create Von Norten – a toxic-free brand that everyone can enjoy,” Johansson says.

Dubbed the best product

Von Norten was founded two years ago and has since taken the market by storm. The products have been recommended by both The Independent and The Times Magazine and were mentioned in Forbes as the best product to buy – twice!

“The feedback has been truly incredible,” notes Johansson. “I knew there was a space in the market for us, as so many other brands still use chemicals in their products. Our products are also eco-friendly, 95 per cent of the candles are made of natural wax, and most of them are packaged in recycled glass and paper.”

The Scandinavian heritage

The scents are inspired by Scandinavian nature and whisk you away to the mountains, the forest, and summers in the archipelago. They are made with ethical perfumes or essential oils and don’t include any alcohol. The body care products are also made of natural ingredients, such as avocado, coconut oil and almond oil.

“Our products can be bought by those who are allergic to perfume, and they make perfect gifts,” says Johansson. “This goes for all of our products. It’s important to surround yourself with things that are beneficial to you. We want to provide high-quality products that can enhance your home as well as your wellbeing.”

Von Norten: Products that enhance your home and wellbeing

Web: vonnorten.com
Instagram: @vonnorten

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