Objects in your home form a language of visual cues: I work at my desk; I sleep in my bed; I cook at my stove. But while imaginative design might not change the function of a space, it changes how you think in it – so, invite artistry and inspiration into your lounge area, your mind and even your next party, with these five exquisite feature chairs.
The Arkade Chair

In 1886, two brothers founded Brdr. Krüger – a wood-turning workshop in the Danish countryside. Five generations later, the family business has become a cult name in Danish heritage design. Associated with an enduring legacy of craft, the label attracts collaborations with some of the world’s best design talents. The stunning Arkade Chair was sketched by the late Nanna Ditzel, whose hallmark round geometrics marry the famously laconic Danish style with elegant Rococo touches to achieve a look that’s both regal and understated.

Arkade Chair in fumed oak and brass, €1,182

The UTA Piece

Is it a stool? Is it a side-table? Inspired by Brutalism, ferm LIVING’s UTA piece exudes an architectural matter-of-factness that seems to say ‘purely for practical use’ – while the Escher-esque form mischievously dodges whatever that use might be. Certainly, with its overall look of monastic severity and dark, polished finish, it will refine the atmosphere of any room – and be a guaranteed conversation starter.

UTA Piece, dark oiled pinewood, €405


We Love This: February 2022

The Croissant Lounge Chair

Based in Copenhagen’s docklands, GUBI is a design house renowned for cross-pollinating iconic heirloom style with avant-gardism. Take the Croissant Lounge Chair, designed by the inimitable Ilum Wikkelsø. Is there any word other than voluptuous that’ll do it justice? With nods to the traditional Chesterfield sofa and Gio Ponti’s famed ‘40s scallop couch, and a by-proxy nod to Greco-Roman seashell motifs, the Croissant bullseyes irreverent Dali opulence while respecting Scandi sensibility.

Croissant Lounge Chair, chamois and oak, from €3,685

The Boa Pouf

Stockholm-based furniture atelier Hem has teamed up with New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis on this joyful, pink donut. With its pop-art overtures, the statement Boa Pouf resembles a domesticated Jeff Koons sculpture – only this one is butter-soft and wool-knitted using 3D technology to eliminate seams. The pouf suits contrastingly ‘hard’ interiors, in which its playfully synaesthetic design can break the spell of formality and satisfy the artist’s eye.

Boa Pouf in cotton candy, wool and nylon, €1,499

Magnus Olesen 107

To celebrate the 100th birthday of cult designer Ib Kofod-Larsen, the original manufacturer Magnus Olesen has relaunched his iconic 1950s Model 107 one-seater. Larsen’s signature look – sleek, fat leather supported by narrow, subtly curvaceous oak – is perennially modern. So modern, in fact, that it almost refutes its luxurious comfort… but not quite. With its ample breadth and sloping recline, this is how you do ‘stately’ and ‘out of office’ at the same time.

Model 107, oak and leather, €3,000


We Love This: February 2022

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