To answer that question, just have a look at any weather app to see the sunrise and sunset times at this time of year. While the lucky “southerners” in Denmark, might get a full seven hours when winter peaks, the northern parts of Norway, Finland and Sweden have to settle with no daylight at all. But Scandinavians do not despair. Adorning their homes with a sea of candlelight, they turn the darkness into another excuse to indulge in stylish design treats. Because, of course, candles are not just candles, no, placed in one of the many classic Scandinavian candleholders, they become the centrepiece of attention.

STOFF Nagel bronzed brass

More sculpture than candleholder, the relaunched STOFF Nagel candleholder allows design fans to build their own centrepiece. The candleholder was originally designed by the German architect and artist Werner Stoff in the 1960s but was relaunched by the Danes behind Danish STOFF Nagel in 2015. The candleholder is sold in small separate modules, which can be combined into the most artistic candelabra your imagination can come up with.


Nappula candleholder, Iittala

Designed by Swedish designer Matti Klenell for the Finnish design powerhouse Iittala, the unique form of the Nappula candleholder is inspired by the shapes of a table. The eye-catching combination of contemporary design and vintage details has made it a modern Nordic design classic, suitable for any modern home.


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Kubus 4, by Mogens Lassen (Audo)

Originally designed by the renowned Danish architect Mogens Lassen in 1962, the Kubus candleholder was relaunched in the 80s and is today one of the most iconic Danish design successes. The geometric-inspired design is sure to create a cosy and stylish atmosphere wherever it is placed. It is available in a range of metals and finishes, including zinc and powder-coated metal in ivory or olive green.


We Love This: Why do Scandinavians love candles?

Gloria, Klong

When lit, the Gloria candleholder surrounds the candle creating an aura of energy, and when extinguished, the circle acts as a stylish room marker. Crafted from solid brass, it features a unique circular design, the epitome of a beautifully simple design.


We Love This: Why do Scandinavians love candles?

Season Candleholder, Georg Jensen

Initially inspired by the form of an advent wreath, this contemporary candleholder from Georg Jensen, Denmark’s household design company, transcends its seasonal roots, making it a versatile year-round centrepiece. Personalise it with leaves, flowers, or ribbons, or let it stand as minimalist art in its pure simplicity. Also available in gold.


We Love This: Why do Scandinavians love candles?

Nunatak, Nedre Foss

Designed to last for 100 years and more, the stylish candelabra by the Norwegian design duo, Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll combines functionality and sculptural qualities. Minimalistic, stylish, and made in cast iron, it is sure to make a durable addition to any living room.

€ 365.00,

We Love This: Why do Scandinavians love candles?

Lucia Candleholder, Artek

Quirky, charming and minimalistic, the Lucia candleholder stands out as a perfect example of Finnish design culture (notedly, though,it is created as part of a collaboration between Finnish and Japanese designers). Symbolising the thousands of Finnish girls who dress up as Lucia and take part in a candlelit procession through the streets, it is a true carrier of light.

€ 121.00,

We Love This: Why do Scandinavians love candles?

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