Norway is a magical place to visit during any season of the year. In winter, travellers enjoy a frozen landscape and the Northern Lights. In the summer, the days are endless, with numerous places to hike and commune with the environment. Since 2019, WonderInn’s cosy cabins have enabled visitors around Norway to experience the country’s stunning nature in relaxed and comfortable living spaces.

Jeremy Hermans and Erle Bjølgerud created WonderInn after converting a van into a tiny living space and travelling around Australia for six months. They found that they didn’t need much space to have an amazing adventure, and the experience of being so close to nature elevated them. “We decided to bring the experience to the next level and build a cabin. We chose Norway because of the incredible nature experiences the country has to offer. If someone rented the cabin, great. If not, we would live in it. We didn’t anticipate that four years later, we’d have a successful business,” says Bjølgerud.

WonderInn offers guests cabins in four different locations around Norway. All cabins provide luxurious accommodations in beautiful natural settings, but each site offers a singular experience. WonderInn Delta is the most exclusive, a mirrored glass cabin with stunning views, just 20 minutes from Oslo. Riverside is on a historic farm just north of the city, offering a cosy shepherd’s hut with a copper bathtub and glamping domes with glass saunas, a perfect venue for weddings. Culture Hub in Eidsvoll has an artistic vibe, great for working holidays. The newest site is WonderInn Arctic, opening in September 2023. Situated in the north of the country, near the Lofoton Islands, it’s perfect for Northern Lights and whale watching. “It’s located right in what is considered the most romantic spot in Norway, in Nupen,” says Bjølgerud. “You can see the midnight sun almost sink into the ocean.”

As well as access to fantastic hiking, canoeing and bird watching, WonderInn offers the sophistication found in more cosmopolitan settings. “Most of our cabins are situated close to cities with a wide variety of food and cultural options,” says Bjølgerud. Their residences are both family and animal friendly, and at their new site, two of their cabins will be wheelchair accessible.

WonderInn is happy to be part of the ‘tiny house movement’, where guests can experience and enjoy the comfort of living in a smaller space. Bjølgerud says: “Smaller housing reduces our carbon footprint. We truly believe that bringing people to nature makes them understand its de-stressing effect on us and encourages them to preserve it.”

Wonderinn: Immerse in the luxury of nature

The view from a WonderInn hot tub.

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