In the heart of Finland’s Lakeland lies a true oasis of calm – Wooddream offers exceptional comfort and convenience for visitors wanting to experience hotel-quality accommodation in the Saimaa region.

Located in Taipalsaari, Wooddream Villas is nestled in the midst of the picturesque archipelago of lake Saimaa. The villas offer holiday-makers the opportunity to experience an authentic Finnish lakeside holiday in hotel-quality accommodation in the middle of the forest. Despite being situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the villas are located just a 20-minute car drive away from Lappeenranta. “Our location is idyllic – this is a perfect place for guests who want to experience Finland’s untouched forests and nature, but, at the same time, all services, sightseeing opportunities and natural hiking trails are also nearby,” says owner Anna, who runs Wooddream with her husband, Alexander.

Guests have a choice of six villas; all designed in stylishly sleek Scandinavian style, and equipped with all modern conveniences. Each villa has a main house and terrace, and (of course) a sauna. There are two small villas that can accommodate four people, and four medium villas for six people. “We pay close attention to small design details, and we have used natural materials to create a warm, inviting space that allows our guests to truly relax while they are here,” Anna says.

Wooddream Villas: Retreat to the serene beauty of Finland’s forests

“No request is too big”

Whether guests are looking for a quiet getaway or celebrating a special occasion, Anna and Alexander have got them covered. The villas can accommodate groups of up to 32 guests. “Wooddream is also perfect for those looking for a secluded or unusual place for a meeting, seminar or corporate party. We have facilities located on the second floor of the main house, which is a perfect space for hosting events. Everything can be tailored according to the guests’ wants and needs,” Anna explains. Wooddream also works in collaboration with a local catering company, so meals can be easily delivered to the villas if guests prefer to have their meals ready-made.

During their stay, guests are invited to enjoy the tranquillity of their villa and the inner peace being in the middle of the forest brings. For those wanting to explore all the things Finland’s nature has to offer, there are plenty of activities nearby: from horseback riding, hot tubs, guided hiking tours, eFat bike riding, and some of the country’s best golf clubs to fishing and SUP boarding and, in the winter, skiing.

Wooddream Villas: Retreat to the serene beauty of Finland’s forests

During their stay, guests can also book their own private boat cruise with Wooddream to explore Lake Saimaa. The region’s stunning archipelago offers many opportunities for exploration and island-hopping. “Out boat can comfortably accommodate up to ten people. Some guests book a boat trip with us to go to Lappeenranta for dinner, for example. One of the most popular cruises is our sunset cruise, where our guests can enjoy the beautiful views of the sun setting on the lake. There is plenty to do here all year round, and our guests are able to enjoy everything Finland’s nature has to offer in all its versatility and beauty,” Anna explains.

Wooddream Villas: Retreat to the serene beauty of Finland’s forests

The couple’s passion for their business shines through in everything they do, and their genuine care for their customers is apparent. No request is too big, and the couple are determined to make Wooddream Villas a wonderfully memorable stay for everyone who visits. “We have the best guests, and we want to make their holiday here the best we can. One of our guests joked that if they called and asked us to bring them a candle at midnight, I’d be there within five minutes to bring one,” Anna laughs.

Taking a moment to pause is a rare treat for many people these days. What Wooddream does, is encourage their guests to do exactly that. Anna says: “This is a place where people can come and cook and enjoy meals, play board games, chat and sit by the fireplace; take in the beauty of the surrounding nature, or just take a moment and listen to the silence of the forest.”

Wooddream Villas: Retreat to the serene beauty of Finland’s forests

Right: Visitors can book a private boat cruise with Wooddream to explore Lake Saimaa.

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