With delicate craftsmanship, beautiful gemstone designs and a touch of Finnish magic, jewellery company WOWO vibes designs necklaces, earrings and bracelets for everyday use as well as life’s special occasions.

The Finnish company run by three sisters has garnered a large and loyal customer base since its founding in late 2022. This is no doubt due to their stunning and user-friendly designs, all of which are handmade.

WOWO vibes: Unique jewellery for life’s unique moments

Having always been inspired by gemstones and their unique colours and energies, WOWO vibes owner and designer Riikka Nykänen started out making jewellery for herself and her loved ones for special occasions such as weddings and childbirths. Her hobby quickly grew into a company, where she now makes and designs each piece of jewellery herself.

“The first gemstone piece I ever made was for myself for my childbirth, to bring me strength during such an exciting and meaningful moment in my life. This thought has translated into the WOWO Vibes company ethos. It’s about making people something unique for life’s unique moments – something that can remind them of a special time and their inner selves through life’s changes,” Nykänen explains.

WOWO vibes: Unique jewellery for life’s unique moments

The company’s name is an abbreviation of ‘wonderful women’ and WOWO Vibes prides itself on being run and owned by women. Nykänen is responsible for the designs and craftsmanship, whereas her sisters Annika and Eerika run the company’s website and marketing. The jewellery, however, is made for everyone, with designs playing with both feminine and masculine energies and styles.

An important factor in the design process is usability. “Earrings can’t be too heavy and a necklace must sit on the neck comfortably. With each new design, I always use it myself first to make sure it is comfortable and suitable for everyday use,” Nykänen says.

WOWO vibes: Unique jewellery for life’s unique moments

With beautiful, vibrant crystals or gemstones as the main element, WOWO Vibes’ most popular designs by far have been the Zodiac necklaces. The ‘My Loved Ones’ necklace, where one can choose a combination of one’s children’s or friends’ lucky Zodiac stones is particularly beloved by customers, with sales skyrocketing ahead of special days such as Mothers’ Day.

This uniqueness, personality and attention to detail is carried through the entire WOWO Vibes collection. In many designs the customer can choose which gemstones they want in their piece. Each design is handmade and therefore unique, just like gemstones – and people.

WOWO vibes: Unique jewellery for life’s unique moments

Web: www.wowovibes.com
Instagram: @wowovibes
Facebook: wowovibes

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