At Ydalir Hotel, you can experience Norwegian winter in luxurious and peaceful surroundings. Based in Stavanger, the hotel is a non-profit boutique hotel that prides itself not only in high-quality guest experiences but in also giving back to its community’s children and youth.

Established in 2018, Ydalir Hotel was a gift from the company, Smedvig, to the community of Stavanger. As one of the best-rated hotels in the area, a stay at Ydalir does not only guarantee excellent accommodation but also a direct contribution to the local community.

Ydalir Hotel: A luxurious holiday benefitting the local community

“Each stay at our hotel directly benefits Stavanger University,” explains Martin Sagen, general manager at Ydalir Hotel. “All of the hotel’s profits are donated to the University of Stavanger each year, contributing to furthering of research and education by supporting scholarship and other means.”

Moreover, as a “hotel for the future”, the hotel provides its space as a research area and direct source of academic excellence, in addition to its funding. Today, the hotel operates commercially, but with close links to the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, which is located at the university.

As well as being a big supporter of education, the team at Ydalir Hotel is proud of all aspects of their local community. Based just outside of Stavanger city centre, guests are encouraged to not only enjoy the hotel’s peaceful surroundings but also to explore the city’s local businesses and attractions.

Ydalir Hotel: A luxurious holiday benefitting the local community

Enjoy fresh drinks in Ydalir’s lobby bar.

An homage to the ancient area of Ullandhaug

Ydalir Hotel lies in a part of Stavanger called Ullandhaug, named after the Norse god of winter and hunting, Ull. The hotel pays homage to the deity by naming themselves after his home, Ydalir.

“The name is a direct link between the hotel and Norse mythology, of which you can find many traces in this area,” Sagen says.

Said mythological traces include the Iron Age Farm, where guests may experience a reconstructed farmstead in its original archaeological site, as well as the Swords in Rock monument, commemorating the battle of Hafrsfjord. If you find yourself walking the Ullandhaug area, search for the rock carvings near the Ullandhaug tower and enjoy the spectacular view while you’re at it.

Ydalir Hotel: A luxurious holiday benefitting the local community

In addition to easy access to great historical and cultural experiences, Sagen explains that the hotel and its surrounding area is the perfect place for guests to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of large and loud cities.

“We don’t have any traffic nearby, other than the bus that conveniently takes you directly to the city centre, so it is optimal for anyone who wants a calm and comfortable stay,” he says. “If comfort, relaxation and a distraction-free environment are what you are searching for, whether for business or leisure, Ydalir Hotel is the place for you.”

Ydalir Hotel: A luxurious holiday benefitting the local community

The fireplace in the lobby offers warmth and relaxation after a day in the Norwegian winter cold.

High-quality design, service and culinary experience

As the hotel’s name indicates, Ydalir Hotel strives to be a hotel worthy of gods and humans alike. Designed by Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter, its architecture and interior aim to preserve and promote the best of Norwegian culture through classic materials and colours, harmoniously adapting to its natural surroundings while implementing modern solutions to satisfy the guests of today.

“The goal was to create a robust project with high-quality solutions – a building that will age with dignity,” Sagen says.

The hotel consists of 59 rooms of different sizes, including 12 fully equipped apartments, all of which reflect that welcoming and contemporary, yet timeless Scandinavian look. Regardless of guest’s requirements or length of stay, there is a room for everyone.

The staff at Ydalir Hotel understand that it takes more than just a pretty front to create a good hotel experience, which is why they ensure that numerous services are offered both inside and nearby the hotel year-round. Dry-cleaning services and free parking are offered, and guests are invited to make use of Stavanger’s best fitness centre, SIS Sportssenter, which is located only five minutes away.

Ydalir Hotel: A luxurious holiday benefitting the local community

“We also understand the importance of starting the day with a good meal, which is why our locally sourced, quality-conscious breakfast is included in your stay,” says Sagen. “The hotel also has an on-site bar and a café, where guests may enjoy good drinks or freshly baked goods.”

In addition to accommodation, the hotel offers space for meetings, conferences, courses, and events. So, whether you’re looking to host your wedding in Stavanger’s peaceful surroundings or simply wish to spoil yourself with a weekend of Norwegian tranquillity, you look to Ydalir Hotel.

Ydalir Hotel: A luxurious holiday benefitting the local community

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