For an experience like no other, book a stay at Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts. Located on a picturesque lake, these original huts are an escape from urban noise, close to magical wildlife and nature.

A venture brought to life by Martin Jarve-Hotvedt and his wife Camilla, Yggdrasil was fuelled by the pair’s love of nature, hunting and the great outdoors. Living on a farm in the forests of Värmland, Sweden, the couple felt inspired to share the life they led with curious people looking for a different taste of life.

“We wanted to present our way of life but do so in a responsible way with little to no impact on the environment. Our huts let us do exactly that, without compromising on comfort or great service,” explains Jarve-Hotvedt.

Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts: Nature and food wrapped in luxury

The huts are available in two locations, one at lake Västra Silen near the Norwegian border which is run in partnership with Nordmarkens Canoe Center, and a newer one at lake Ringsjön in Sweden’s Skåne region. The latter opened earlier this year and is a joint venture with likeminded chef Carl Philip Dreyer whose passion for cooking game (and educating others about it) has earned him widespread recognition around the country and beyond.

Together, Yggdrasil and Dreyer have created a new venture where great accommodation and fantastic food are offered in equal measure.

Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts: Nature and food wrapped in luxury

Eco-friendly luxury

All electricity used in the huts is sourced from either solar cells or biofuel. And inside the huts, guests will find everything they need for a comfortable stay. This includes a spacious double bed, running water, toilet, kitchenette with a gas hub, WIFI, Bluetooth stereo, towels and bath robes, and even an ice fishing hatch which can be used in summer too.

“The huts have beautiful panorama windows, so when you’re lying in bed it almost feels like you’re in the water. It is a unique combination of luxury and feeling at one with nature,” says Jarve-Hotvedt.

Outside, guests can enjoy the accompanying floating terrace which features a barbecue and grill equipment, accompanied by chairs and a table. There are also stand-up paddle boards available for those who fancy a bit of adventure.

“We’re a small business with a lot of heart which we hope comes through in our offering. We transport guests to their huts by car or boat, we educate them about the local food they’re eating and a more organic way of life. I’d like to think that it’s our personal service that really sets us apart,” explains Jarve-Hotvedt.

Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts: Nature and food wrapped in luxury

Taste and tranquillity

Thanks to Carl Philip Dreyer, Yggdrasil’s food offering is something out of the ordinary. Guests can enjoy a hand-delivered breakfast at their huts, as well as pre-made food kits for lunch or dinner. In true Dreyer style, these are all focused on game and locally sourced produce, serving guests a true taste of Skåne. How about deer burgers for supper?

“Great food is a huge part of our overall experience, so teaming up with someone who shares our values and beliefs has been priceless,” says Jarve-Hotvedt. “It really gives us an edge and allows us to bring visitors a genuine experience that they’re unlikely to find anywhere else.”

Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts: Nature and food wrapped in luxury

More to love

Should they wish to, hut visitors have plenty to keep them busy in the surrounding areas including great fishing opportunities. In Värmland, guests can rent canoes, visit a sauna sweat lodge, relax in a hot tub, play minigolf, go climbing, and more.

In Skåne, water-based activities abound. Nearby is a beautiful nature reserve, and it’s a short walk to Bosjö Monastery and Bosjö Golf Club.

They can also head to Björk’s Ringsjön Fish Shop & Smokehouse across the lake for local delicacies like fish and seafood (which are also incorporated in Yggdrasil’s own food offering). Not to mention the array of sandy beaches nearby, something this region is recognised for.

Although the huts are particularly popular in summer, they are open for business all year round, with each season providing a different experience. “In winter, our Värmland huts sit on the ice. They’ll be nice and warm inside and guests can cosy up in bed while watching the snow fall through the panorama windows. It’s quite something, especially when the temperature drops far below zero,” says Jarve-Hotvedt.

Less than an hour’s travel from Kastrup airport via bus or train, Yggdrasil’s Skåne huts are easily accessible whatever the season. In fact, a private chauffeur will pick you up from the station and bring you to your destination.

Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts: Nature and food wrapped in luxury

Carl and Martin.

Instagram: @yggdrasil_igloo_water_huts

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