S pecialising in helping clients create their strategy by making leader and employer development a part of their working day, Alaric consultation agency believes they have cracked the code on how to help businesses adapt to the new era. Their process design in collaboration with their clients, as well as comprehensive digital support, is key to their success.

“For us, Alaric means power, courage and cooperation. We consider all people in organisations as leaders, because management is far too important to be left to managers alone,” says specialist in organisational psychology, Jon Erik Børresen. With an extensive background in leadership, Børresen has worked with over 300 management teams at various levels in the private sector. In 2016, he started up the Oslo-based company Alaric with Jørn Martin Unneland and Egil Rasmussen. “We also have a large, Nordic network of consultants that we use on our projects, which means that we cover a wide range of expertise across the field,” Børresen explains.


Trust and good relationships are the solution to better cooperation and results, something the Norwegian consulting agency strives to make happen by facilitating processes that create and enable participation. “Our aim is to involve the people who work in a company in working out challenges and dilemmas together. As a psychologist, my concern is to make sure that everyone in the organisation is actively taking part and feeling ownership of the strategy,” says Børresen. He further believes that leaders need to show courage by making this involvement possible, while identifying a big shift in today’s organisations. “Employees often have more knowledge and higher education than they did 20 years ago. It is therefore very unwise of managers not to take advantage of all this competence that already exists within their team.”


Unique solutions
Alaric helps businesses in Scandinavia to learn, develop and grow by offering unique solutions tailored to their specific need. “We work very closely with the client, and everything is designed with them based on the facilitation process,” says Børresen, adding: “An important element we emphasise is offering digital support for managers and teams, helping them to focus while saving on consulting work and keeping costs low.”

Børresen concludes: “The company name itself comes from the successful Alaric, who conquered Rome. We help organisations, in line with Alaric’s ability, to create engagement and develop good cooperation, so that the power he had can be found in everyone.”


Web: www.alaric.no

Facebook: alaricinfo

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