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By Josefine Older Steffensen | Photos: Credocom

Having a good and secure IT infrastructure is essential for any business or organisation. Credocom, a specialist within network, security and data centres, works with some of Denmark’s biggest companies to provide bespoke IT solutions for them, ensuring their data is safe and secure and that their networks are optimised.

In 2006, Thomas and Alice Grønne established RespektIT A/S, while René Bukrinsky started Credocom A/S. The two companies joined forces in 2012 and have since then become one of the leading and most trusted Danish consultancy firms within network and security. “Over the years, we’ve seen a huge variety of issues in a wide range of industries, which means that we today have many solutions up our sleeves in order to help in a way that is suitable for each individual company,” explains Thomas Grønne.

Credocom is focused on three main areas: security, network and datacentres. “Our view on cyber security is wide ranging. We’re used to working with IT threats and continuously keep updated on any new threats, and we have among the market’s safest IT security,” says Grønne. Cybercrime is often not thought about until there is a breach in the security, but working with Credocom will prevent many losses.

IT is impossible without having a good network. Credocom provides everything from the physical set-up of the network to NAC-solutions on an established network. Each solution is built specifically for the individual client and their requirements, ensuring that they are not left with an excessive set-up that does not meet their needs.

Working in the cloud

Data in the modern age is increasingly being stored on cloud-based infrastructure, which requires an increased focus on security, back-up and recovery. “A lot of companies can gain something from using cloud-based infrastructure and services. One of the greatest advantages is business agility: the possibility to quickly, and without a huge investment, offer services to customers, staff and partners on a platform that is easily customised,” says Grønne. “Another benefit is definitely the fact that it eliminates the boring and time-consuming task of maintaining the platform.”

The cloud, however, does also come with its own set of security and safety issues, as it is not immune to cyber-attacks. In fact, the cloud is more visible and accessible than the traditional physical data centre would be. “These cloud-based services are something we’re using and working with on a daily basis. We know about the various weak links and pitfalls of them, and have come up with a variety of solutions that actually make these solutions cost-effective, versatile and extremely secure. The cloud isn’t immune, but we’ve learnt to vaccinate it effectively.”

Zero trust

Trust is one of the biggest vulnerabilities of IT infrastructure, which is why Credocom has taken a zero-trust approach to its designs and solutions. Using their zero-trust strategy, they work from the inside out, protecting what is most valuable to each company and building a secure network around that.

Zero trust is built on three main principles: secure access to all resources; reduced, specified access; and inspection and logging of all traffic. “A company’s resources should only be accessed through secure networks, irrespective of time and place of the person trying to access it. It is therefore often only certain units that will be able to gain access. We also almost always adopt a ‘least-privileged’ strategy. That way, we ensure that only those people who actually need access get access. It reduces the vulnerability of certain resources. It is much easier to identify potential threats if all traffic to and from a site or resource is logged and inspected, something that is often done through an automated process. That way we can catch things before it escalates,” explains Grønne.

Credocom Thomas Alice Rene Scan Magazine

Left: Thomas S. Grønne Middle: Alice Grønne. Right: René Bukrinsky

A partnership

Credocom works with each individual company to create a solution that suits them. “There isn’t one set way of doing something. We use similar principles and frameworks, like CIS 20, to ensure a broad range of topics are covered, but it is definitely also the expertise and experiences we’ve had over the many years of working with different companies that have helped us to be able to provide the best solutions for our clients.”

No one company provides the full spectrum of products within IT security, so instead, Credocom has hand-picked the companies that they work with to ensure that their clients are getting the best products on the market. “We can build solid solutions that combine the different products we get from our partners. Our aim is always to make it as easy as possible for our clients, so our solutions bring together the different products and make them work together to create a solution that is focused on automisation and ease of use,” concludes Grønne.


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