Made with a child’s perspective in mind, with parental experience and an acute eye for design and quality, this environmentally and socially mindful GOTS-certified company aims to engage children in the world they live in: both the physical space of their own rooms, and the materials they encounter every day.

In 2015, Filibabba founders Christian Bendtsen and Lasse Rolighed Olesen introduced the baby nest to the Danish market: a pillow that lets newborns feel as safely nestled in the outside world as they did when they were inside the womb.

Since that first collection launched, the company has gone from strength to strength. They continue to design and develop baby products and children’s interiors that are sustainable, resilient and beautiful, all of them ideal items with which to frame the first few years of a child’s life.

Filibabba helps to create a space where a child can grow, play and learn, making the whole room a place in which they feel at home. And everything they do, and the way they do it, is done out of a profound love and respect for the environment and the people around them.

Filibabba: creating a child’s universe

From a child’s point of view

“We create our designs from the children’s point of view, based on how they see and sense the world around them,” explains Henny Møller, brand manager at Filibabba. “But we also want the parents to enjoy our designs.”

While quality is crucial for the products to endure being handled repeatedly by children, they are also beautiful to look at, too. The key for Filibabba is to create striking and durable items that children can relate to; things that inspire, soothe and entertain them, and perhaps educate them a little in the process.

Great care and consideration go into every piece they design, ensuring that they stay playful and inviting to the children, embracing the curiosity of tactile youngsters and their imagination. A child’s room is its world, and Filibabba wants to make these worlds beautiful, enduring and fun.

A more sustainable world

The world is growing increasingly aware of the importance of recycling and upcycling, and creating items that are reusable is crucial to this company. “The quality and durability of our products is of great importance,” Møller says. “Our designs spring from our own experiences with young children; we create items that really do work and really do last, so you don’t have to replace them when baby number two or three comes along.”

In this way, the designs from Filibabba become a part of a child’s upbringing – not just items to be discarded and disregarded. “We want to support sustainability and enable parents to reuse our products, but we also want our creations to be multifunctional,” says Møller.

Making products that are not only reusable and will stand the test of time, but which also have more than one use, is another brilliant approach to increasing the sustainability of their products. Why buy three different items when one will do? Filibabba makes its products both sustainable and multifunctional, never compromising on quality, always placing great value on the production process.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The ecological and social responsibility that lies behind the GOTS certification is crucial to Filibabba and the company’s core values, and it is a constant challenge for them to ensure that they keep the certification. The process is time-consuming, involving ongoing scrutiny of their products, the working conditions in the production line, the raw materials, and the production process.

“Many of our customers are not necessarily aware what the GOTS certification means, and they don’t always realise the high-quality products this yields as a result,” Møller reflects. “One of our challenges is to show our customers, via our products, what this means.”

To continue to receive the GOTS certificate, they must ensure that they tick all the correct boxes. They are keen to help their customers understand the value of the certification and, in doing so, are trying to do their bit to help the world become more sustainable. Being granted this certificate allows Filibabba to continue to bring to life their designs, without compromising on what they so firmly believe in.

Because they care

“It is very important to us that the children feel in touch with our designs,” Møller says. The significance of recognition plays a big part in not only their designs and their products, but also in the values at the heart of Filibaba. It is far from just a business; they genuinely care about their products, the planet, and the people they work with – and, crucially, they want their customers and their children to care too.

Filibabba: creating a child’s universe

Left: GOTS-certified, organic satin woven cotton bedlinen in the calm and beautiful Balanced Stripes print. Comes in blue mix and rose mix. Middle: GOTS-certified, organic satin woven cotton bedlinen in the beautiful Collection of Memories print. Comes in a full series with bedlinen, bed bumper, baby nest, changing mat and nursing pillow. Right: “Mum, my air balloon flies me to my dreams,” said Sonja, five years old. The iconic air balloons from Filibabba are available in a variety of colours for children’s room décor.

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