Exploring Finland in any season is a magical experience. Though a popular tourist destination, the country still has many undisturbed areas, offering visitors a relaxing and singular holiday. Lakeland Bomba, or Nurmes, located in Northern Karelia, the eastern part of Finland, is such a destination. Peaceful, steeped in nature yet offering a haven of modern luxury, Lakeland Bomba holds delights for both local and international travellers.

There is much to do in Lakeland Bomba for both families and individual travellers. Bomba’s strengths are its diversity; peace and closeness to nature combined with great activities and the amenities of modern life. “Although Bomba is a top destination in the Lakeland district of Finland, mass tourism has not overrun it,” says Siru Hirvonen, the international tourism specialist for the Karelia Development Centre, or PIKES.

PIKES: A perfect blend of finnish culture and nature

Spring with fatbikes.

Furthermore, according to Hirvonen Lakeland Bomba is an ideal place to visit throughout the year. “In the spring, the forest is waking up from hibernation, the summers are glorious with the scents of wildflowers. Local food is abundant in the autumn and exploring the region during the winter provides a most peaceful way to spend your day,” says Hirvonen adding: “Hiking is popular as is cycling,”.

PIKES: A perfect blend of finnish culture and nature

A delicious autumn fish meal.

The facilities offered in Lakeland Bomba are contemporary yet cosy. Sokos Hotel Bomba boasts one of the best spas in Finland, including a variety of saunas and outdoor Jacuzzis where you can enjoy the Northern Lights while having a soak. At Hyvärilä, the youth and holiday centre in the area, visitors can rent fat bikes to cycle on the lake ice in winter and well-maintained golf and frisbee golf courses in summer. On Lake Pielinen, the fourth largest lake in Finland, fishing trips can be arranged as well as tours of the region, accompanied by an experienced chef who creates gourmet food using local and seasonal products prepared on a campfire in the heart of nature. For a week of modern luxury, Hirvonen suggests booking with Äksyt Ämmat. Through here, travellers can stay in an idyllic log house and experience Finnish culture, cuisine, skiing, and a husky safari, among other activities.

PIKES: A perfect blend of finnish culture and nature

A spring walk in Nurmes.

With three national parks, the historically valuable Karelian village and Wooden Nurmes, along with an abundance of traditional food and culture, Lakeland Bomba is the perfect destination for those who want to experience the regional delights of Finland. Hirvonen says, “At the moment, the majority of tourists are domestic, but we really think Lakeland Bomba also offers much to international tourism. We welcome them with open arms to get to know our nature, culture, and warm Karelian people.”

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PIKES: A perfect blend of finnish culture and nature

PIKES: A perfect blend of finnish culture and nature

Winter skiing.

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