O ne of the challenges of open-plan offices is finding a balance between team-working and giving each other space. The LED-light indicator Luxafor helps companies do just that.

Most people working in 21st-century offices know the feeling of having that bright idea or the solution to a problem on the tip of their tongue – only to be interrupted by a colleague sitting next to them in the open-plan office. This exact challenge was the driving force behind Luxafor: a small, USB-connected device in your computer that lights up, telling your colleague whether you have time to talk or if they should come back later. One of the companies that has tried and tested the Luxafor is Bravida Denmark. “Our productivity has improved because it’s easier to talk to others, and you will know immediately whether they can be interrupted,” says back-office group leader Aase Søndergaard.

Luxafor works by showing whether you’re free to talk. Red will light up when you’re busy. When the green light is on, it means you’re free to talk. This has made a difference to Søndergaard in particular when working on projects with tight deadlines. “The red light is a life-saver, but in some ways, I actually think the green light is even more useful. Now I can interrupt my colleagues without feeling guilty,” says Søndergaard.

Feeling less guilty, working better in a team, and being more productive are three of the cornerstones of Luxafor. Their focus is on creating a better working environment, where you and your colleagues respect each other’s light – and time.

Luxafor Scan Magazine

Luxafor lights up red or green depending on whether you are free to talk or busy at the moment.

web: www.luxafor.dk

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